1. Where in the Amazon do we go? Our expedition goes to the Madre de Dios River in the Upper Amazon. The EcoAmazonia Lodge is in the Tambopata ecological reserve, a two-hour boat ride from Puerto Maldonado, Peru.

2. Is it safe? EcoAmazonia Lodge has the highest health standards, a hygienic kitchen, and purifies its drinking water.

3. Do I have to drink ayahuasca? No, we do not encourage anyone to drink the visionary vine of the shamans, even though it is part of the indigenous healing ceremonies you will be attending.

4. What is ayahuasca? It is a visionary drink prepared by the shamans that is made from two plants: the ayahuasca vine and the chakruna bush. It is chemically similar to the neurotransmitter serotonin.

5. Can I come on this journey if I am not a Four Winds student? No, this expedition is not a public program. It is open only to Four Winds students and friends. We know our travelers and seek fellow explorers for these journeys.