Hosted by Dr. Alberto Villoldo

1. Can I come if I am not a mountaineer? There is no technical climbing involved. You must bring good hiking shoes with heel support.

2. What about the altitude? It is high. For two nights we will camp at an altitude of almost 14,000 feet, and we’ll be doing extensive hiking at altitude. We acclimate to altitude in the Sacred Valley during the 2020 Via Illuminata expedition. If you develop symptoms of altitude sickness you will be treated and, if necessary, you will be taken down the mountain immediately in our emergency vehicle. As soon as you drop in altitude the symptoms generally resolve themselves.

3. Will there be horses if I need one? You can reserve a horse to ride for a cost of $100. Most people prefer to hike.

4. Do you carry oxygen? We carry emergency oxygen in the unlikely event it is needed by any traveler.

5. What if I get sick? All of our camp water is boiled and the field kitchen is very hygienic. In the event you become sick you will be taken down the mountain by our emergency vehicle.

6. Can I come if I am not a Four Winds student? Yes, you don’t have to be a student or graduate of the Four Winds Society to participate. This expedition is open to anyone who participated in the 2022 Via Illuminata expedition.

7. Is Alberto with us during the Expedition? Yes, Alberto is leading this expedition.

8. What camping gear do I need to bring? We will supply a tent, you must bring a warm, 4-season sleeping bag (rated to -15 F) that will work well in sub-freezing temperatures, which can drop as low as 0. You might want to bring a lightweight sleeping mat, inflatable is best, ideally 2” thick.

9. Will I stay warm? It is generally warm during the day, and very cold at night. Bring clothing you can layer, ideally wool camping tops and bottoms, and a quality jacket. Bring an extra water-bottle with tight lid (we recommend Nalgene) that you can fill with hot water and put into your sleeping bag at night.