Is the program only for practitioners? Can I do the training if I don’t want to be an Energy Medicine Health Coach?

Yes, many of our students attend the 300-hour training for personal transformation. And after experiencing their own healing and learning the wisdom teachings of shamanism, many go on to launch energy medicine practices and a new career. Whatever your interest, this program provides the tools to experience truly life-changing, permanent transformation.

Has anyone who has no background in energy medicine done the 300-hour program? Are there any pre-requisites?

Absolutely! You do not need any previous experience in shamanism or energy medicine to enroll in the training. The only requisites are an open mind and an open heart. If you have a calling to serve, to make a difference, and to practice compassionate healing, this is the path for you.

Are there shorter classes that I can attend instead of the 300-hour training?

We have evening events and weekend workshop “samplers” in various locations throughout the year that are open to the public and offer an introductory “taste” of the shamanic experience. Grow a New Body retreats also offer a wonderful option for those interested in a super-boost of health and wellness, combined with shamanic healing practices. Additionally, there is the Via Illuminata expedition, which is open to the public. The Munay-Ki is popular for those wanting to receive the sacred rites of the shamans. View our full calendar here.

If I am going through a health crisis, can I enroll in the training?

You should come to the training for educational purposes only. It is best to come when you are not in crisis.

If I want to do the residential training, do I have to take the full 28-day course at once?

We encourage you to enroll for the entire four-week training, so you can experience the profound effects of the detox diet, the energy medicine and shamanic practices. If you need to, you can enroll for two 14-day courses at the location and date that is most convenient to you. For instance, you can do both courses in the same location, or start in California and finish in Chile or Germany.

What does a day in the training typically entail?

Each day provides three fresh organic delicious meals and two breaks, mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Training sessions include teachings, live demonstrations, and opportunities for experiential practice. In the evenings there are fire ceremonies, practice sessions, and further teachings.

Are lodging and meals included in the price?

Lodging and meals are separate. Accommodations range from tent camping to luxury rooms, and prices vary depending on location. In order to get the lodging you prefer, be sure to reserve your choice early.

If I choose to do the online training, will the lectures and demonstrations be streamed so I can view them at my convenience?

The video classes are available to you anytime during the course. The live conference calls with Alberto will be held twice a month. You can attend live conference calls or listen to the recordings whenever you like.

Are there any special system requirements to access the online course?

To ensure our online program is as widely accessible as possible, we use an Internet-based platform that works on all types of devices: Apple and PC desktops/laptops, smart phones and tablets. Because our learning platform is Internet-based, you must have a working Internet connection in order to access the course. The strength and speed of your Internet connection will have an impact on your interaction with the learning platform. Our platform supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Explorer. Please make sure you have the latest version of your preferred browser installed – Explorer 8 and below are not supported, for example.

Can I download the videos from the online course?

Videos cannot be downloaded on to your personal equipment, but you can watch them on desktop or mobile devices using your preferred Internet browser or the online program App, available for free on the iTunes store or Google Play.

What happens during the online sessions?

The training blends video-rich footage from the Andes and Amazon, video lectures, live question-and-answer sessions, reading assignments, forum discussions, homework, and small group work. Participants who miss a call, or want to listen again, can access the recordings in the virtual classroom beginning a day or so after the live event is over.

How much time should I allot for the online training program?

We suggest that you allocate approximately six to ten hours a week towards the program to complete your training and receive your certification in six months.

Does Dr. Villoldo teach all residential classes?

Alberto is present for the 300-hour training. Classes are taught by him and Marcela, and by lead teachers who have been mentored by them.

What does the Light Body School training program offer its graduates?

Students who complete the training receive a Certificate as an Energy Medicine Health Coach from the Four Winds Society. In addition, and most importantly, you receive a valuable set of skills you can use in your health and healing practice and personal life. Shamanic Energy Medicine offers a time-tested set of technologies for attaining and maintaining optimal health, and helping our clients and loved ones to do the same. Our program offers you a proven set of tools and skills, in use for over 5,000 years, that are in tremendous need and demand today. Nurses, social workers, psychologists, coaches, physicians, health professionals, yoga teachers, and anyone who influences how people think, act, and live, will benefit from this the training.

Are there graduates from the Masters Training I could speak with or hear their testimonies?

Yes, you can view testimonials throughout our website. We will also be happy to put you in touch with one of over 10,000 graduates from around the world who have completed our training program.

Do you offer scholarships and payment plans?

Yes. We offer payment plans, but you must be paid in full before you start the training. We also have a scholarship program, and you can speak to one of our academic advisors about this.

Do you offer refunds if I cannot complete the training?

We do not offer refunds, but you can have a credit for future programs if you cannot attend a class.

How do I integrate shamanic energy work into my current wellness practice?

Shamanic Energy Medicine focuses on prevention. Its basic tenet is that when you create the physical, emotional, and spiritual conditions for health, disease simply goes away. You create health and prevent illness. At the emotional level, for instance, a person may be constantly attracted to the same type of partner who is not good for them. Once the imprint that attracts unfavorable partners is cleared through the Illumination process, the individual will cease to attract those partners. The Luminous Energy Field can reveal a condition years before it manifests in the physical body. Our practice is to clear the imprints for disease before we become ill!

What types of complaints or problems can an Energy Medicine Health Coach help heal through this kind of work?

Many of our graduates are doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, massage therapists, yoga teachers, or work in the wellness field. They have incorporated the teachings with great results, tailoring them to their practice and needs.

What is the Luminous Energy Field? Does everybody have one?

Yes, everyone has a Luminous Energy Field (LEF). It is an invisible matrix that informs the anatomy of the body. It contains a template of how we live, how we age, and how we might die. When there is no imprint for disease in the LEF, recovery from illness happens quickly. By the same token, imprints for diseases can depress the immune system, and prolong recovery time during an illness. When the vital reserves in the LEF are depleted through illness, environmental pollutants or stress, we suffer disease. The good news is: When we erase the negative imprint that caused the onset of illness, the immune system can rapidly restore health.

How can you tell if something is “off” in a client’s LEF? Can anyone learn to see this?

Our Shamanic Energy Medicine training offers you the tools and skills to identify imprints on the LEF.

How does the training address nutrition and neuroscience?

Shamans were the first neuroscientists. With One Spirit Medicine we can learn to grow a new body with super-foods, neuro-nutrients and energy medicine – a body that heals, ages and dies differently – and upgrade our brain to create psychosomatic health. But that’s not all: Ninety percent of our DNA belongs to the microbes that live within us. If the colony is broken, disease happens – we can repair the colony with super-probiotics and turn microbes into our best friends.

Why did Dr. Villoldo leave a more traditional Western background for a shamanic path?

As a medical anthropologist, Alberto was curious about healing systems around the world. Modern medicine, which is wonderful for healing trauma (such as injuries from an automobile accident) is terrible for healing chronic conditions. Alberto directed a laboratory at San Francisco State University that was studying how we create psychosomatic disease and whether we could create psychosomatic health. He realized that to find the answer he had to go study with the experts who were in true primitive societies without technology – all they had was the mind’s ability to heal the body.

Isn’t shamanism completely different from scientific fact?

Science is relatively new, while shamanism is very ancient. Alberto discovered that the spiritual traditions of the shamans used an archaic language for what we describe today as neuroscience. What they refer to as “enlightenment” is optimal brain function – the ability to create psychosomatic health. Many people however, associate the term “enlightenment” with organized religion when in reality it’s available to all people of any belief.

What distinction do you make between healing and curing?

Curing is the eliminating of symptoms. Healing is a journey where you discover the cause of your ailment and make fundamental life changes, from diet to belief systems, that will create health.

How does one become a shaman? What was Dr. Villoldo’s experience?

To become a shaman you have to go through your own deep emotional healing. You cannot be a shaman if you hold the world responsible for your fate or misfortune.

What gifts distinguish a shaman?

The ability to look at what everyone else is looking at and think something different. The courage to live by your convictions. The understanding of how the visible world is born from the invisible world of energy.

Is shamanism a religion? Can one be a member of a religious denomination and also practice Shamanic Energy Medicine?

Shamanism is pre-religious. You can be a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim and be a practicing shaman.