Finding Peace by Creating a Sacred Dream

The shamans of the Andes know and serve a sacred dream, one that guides planets across the

heavens and our human destiny here on Earth. The sacred dream is a map to the future, but has no paths you can follow and no trails other than the ones you blaze yourself. It is ephemeral, changing every instant, surprising you at every turn, as in a dream. Men and women who serve and protect this sacred dream are known as luminous warriors. They have no enemies in this world or the next. Their resources are vast.

The sacred dream reveals the implicate order of the universe. It is evident in the seasons, in

how the bees pollinate the flowers, and in how all living beings are connected and related to each

other. When we become aware of the sacred dream, we recognize that the universe is not made of dead rocks hurling through space, of lifeless energy, or of the dark matter of science. Instead, we understand that the cosmos is pulsing and conscious, longing to create beauty, birthing blue-green planets, spiral galaxies, and more than 20,000 species of butterfly on our earth.

Each one of us is given a fragment of the sacred dream to hold and express in our own way.

When we forget that we carry an essential and necessary part of the sacred dream, our lives begin

to spiral into disarray, our personal dreams become nightmares, and our lives descend into chaos.

Many people have replaced the sacred dream with a dream of fame and fortune, power, and

Facebook likes. Meanwhile we are facing global crises—from climate change to species extinction to war, famine, and disease—all of which are calling us to dream a new dream for ourselves and the world.

You find your sacred dream by transforming three common dreams many of us are convinced

are true and cannot seem to wake up from. They are the dream of security, the dream of

permanence, and the dream of love that is unconditional. When you transform these dreams—when you accept that life is ever changing, that your mortality is a given, and that no one can liberate you from a life of fear and insecurity except you—the chaos in your life turns to order, and beauty prevails.

These practices of the luminous warrior are essential in a time when dreaming happens only

when we sleep, where cowardice is honorable, where hindsight seems wise, and where spirituality is spineless.

Are you ready to find your sacred dream to help you bring light and peace to your world, and to find your part in the greater sacred dream of humanity?