The Four Insights are wisdom teachings that have been protected by secret societies of Earthkeepers, the medicine men and women of the Americas. The Insights state that all creation — humans, whales, and even stars — is made from light manifest through the power of intention. The Four Insights reveal ancient technologies to become beings of light with the ability to perceive the energy and vibration that make up the physical universe at a much higher level. The ancients used their mastery of the insights to heal disease, eliminate emotional suffering, and grow new bodies that age and die differently. In earlier blogs, we covered the First Insight: The Way of the Hero.

The Way of the Luminous Warrior

During the time of the Conquest there was a group of Laika warriors who were dreaded by the Spanish. Legend has it that they could not be killed―even when the conquistadors fired their muskets at them at close range, the bullets would simply miss their mark.

It’s not that these warriors didn’t experience being scared, but they weren’t moved by fear. Their love radiated so strongly that there was no place for darkness within them, nor for dwelling on what might happen. They lived free in the light of fearlessness, and because of that, they could not be found by death.

To be a luminous warrior is to discover the power of fearlessness. When we become luminous warriors, we recognize that our job is to use love to vanquish its opposite―and its opposite is not hate, but fear. Our challenge is to exorcise the fear and its darkness within by embracing love and its light. The second insight teaches us to wield a sword of light and dispel fear forever.

We often confuse love for a warm glow we sense in our bellies and as something we can offer and withdraw, like a cat who comes and goes at its pleasure. It’s easy for us to extend love toward those who are lovable, but loving people and situations that are not to our liking isn’t so easy. We give our love unconditionally, but when we don’t receive what we feel we deserve, we withdraw it, and too readily exchange our loving feelings for hatred and resentment. We then reinvest our love in a new person or situation that we think will give us a better return.

To an Earthkeeper, love is not a feeling or something you barter with. Love is the essence of who you are, and it radiates from you as a brilliant aura: You become love, practice fearlessness, and attain enlightenment.

From Darkness to Light

Buddha showed us the way of illumination and taught us to follow our light so that we may attain freedom from suffering. Christ was surrounded by a blinding radiance when he was baptized in the Jordan River. And Andean storytellers recall the Inka Pachacuti, considered to be a child of the sun, who sparkled with the light of the dawn. These teachers left us with the message that we’re capable of even greater things than they―we, too, can access this light and banish the darkness in our lives.

While the light of love versus the darkness of fear may simply sound like a metaphor or the stuff of mythology, there actually is a scientific basis to this universal idea. Scientists know that every living thing on Earth is made of light: Plants receive light from the sun and turn it into life, and animals eat green plants that feed on light. Light is the fundamental building block of life, and we are made up of light that is bound into living matter. Moreover, biologists have discovered that all living cells emit photons of light at the rate of 100 flashes per second. The source of this photon emission is DNA.

Just as the light of love is real, so is the darkness of fear that is stored in every cell of our bodies, perhaps even clouding the light of our DNA. It feeds upon itself and can begin to defy rationality, as we worry endlessly about what mishaps might befall us.

Fear creates a dark reality. Every prophecy is self-fulfilling―whatever scares us the most will be waiting for us around the corner. There’s nothing wrong with being cautious, but fearfulness holds us back from growing and keeps us repeating our lessons through suffering and trauma instead of through the experience of our own radiance.

Fear denies and distorts our luminous nature. Fearlessness, which is the core practice of the luminous warrior, allows us to experience our light and our illumination.

In next week’s blog, we will explore the first practice of The Way of the Luminous Warrior: The Practice of Fearlessness.