The Great Gathering – FAQ’S

1. What’s Included in the price? – Program, transportation from and to Cusco Airport – Hotel, 4 Nights stay at Aranwa Hotel & Spa, Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Pumamarca day trip on April 21.

Not included: Air Tickets to Cusco, Peru. Machu Picchu tour, Cusco city tour, healing sessions with the Shamans and tips for our guides, bus drivers, and porters.

2. What about the altitude? Our lodge is located in the Sacred Valley at an altitude of approximately 9,400 feet. Some may experience altitude sickness at this elevation, and it might take you a night or two to fully adapt.

3. Can I participate if I am not a Four Winds student? This event is only open to graduates of our 300hr Energy Medicine training.

4. Is it safe? Peru receives millions of travelers from around the world. The country is safe, and the lodge where we stay has a hygienic kitchen and purified water. We suggest you leave your valuables in a safe in your room, and watch your camera and purse when in towns.

5. Who are the shamans we work with? They are the sons and daughters of the masters Alberto trained with years ago, now full-fledged shamans themselves. We have worked with these medicine men and women for more than 30 years.

6. What if my roommate snores? It is sometimes possible to upgrade to a single room once at our lodge in the Sacred Valley. You can also book a single room in advance.