Health, Healing and The Luminous Energy Field

How does the invisible world of Spirit impact health and healing? Surrounding the physical body is a luminous energy field, or LEF, that informs our cells and biome—the community of microorganisms in and on our body—about how to live in harmony. The LEF is invisible, though there are people who perceive this energy as an aura, a halo of color around a person’s body. With practice, you can sense this energy. (Try it now: rub your palms together briskly for a few seconds, then slowly separate your hands slightly and try to feel heat or a kind of “static” in the air between your palms.)  

The LEF can be thought of as the software that instructs your DNA, the hardware, to repair your body. It does this through your brain and nervous system, and the chakras or energy centers in the body. You can upgrade the quality of your LEF through meditation, walks in nature, and prayer. But if you do not update your LEF, or if your brain is full of toxins, and your field cannot upgrade your body, then you simply create your health according to default programs inherited from your family. You replicate the physical maladies and the psychological stories and dramas that your ancestors lived with and died from.  

Despite our longing to see ourselves as different, better, and more enlightened than our parents, we tend to perpetuate their health challenges and emotional issues, repeating them in our own lives in one form or another. Unless we upgrade our LEF through the experience of Oneness, we will live the way they lived and die the way they died. Our bodies start to develop cancer cells that forget to die and want to live forever, and our systems for keeping them in check will not be able to sustain the battle.  

If you have heard the expression that thoughts become things, well, this is how it happens. Your LEF will organize the physical reality around you to mirror your thoughts and beliefs faithfully. If you don’t upgrade the wisdom in your LEF and choose instead to stay stuck in the same old thoughts—Mom ruined my life, or The stork dropped me off at the wrong home, or Heart disease runs in my family, or whatever old story you habitually run— you create this in your life