How is your enthusiasm? 

Every time I think of writing this moon blog, I pray for enthusiasm. This means I ask to become motivated or aroused by the gods.

The original meaning of ‘enthusiasm’ comes from the Greek “enthousiasmos”  which itself is based on “entheos” composed of “en” (meaning “in”) and “theos” (meaning “god”). Hence, “enthousiasmos” referred to a state of being possessed or inspired by a god.

For this reason, in ancient Greece, enthusiasm was not merely a feeling of excitement or eagerness, as we commonly understand it today. Instead, it was perceived as a divine state, a condition where individuals were believed to be infused with the presence of a god. This divine inspiration was often associated with prophecy, artistic creation, and other activities that required a high level of insight or creativity. When someone was described as “enthousiasmos,” it indicated that they were under the influence of a deity, thus capable of extraordinary feats or profound insights.

For example, the Delphic Oracle, a priestess at the Temple of Apollo, was said to deliver prophecies while in a state of ‘enthusiasm’. The god Apollo was believed to possess her, allowing her to bring divine messages. Similarly, poets and musicians were thought to be inspired by the Muses, goddesses of the arts, who would fill them with divine enthusiasm, enabling them to create works of great beauty and depth.

Now, I have to admit that enthusiasm doesn’t always come to my door with ease. Most often I have to work hard at it. Sometimes I have to jump up and down on my trampoline to get blood flowing to my brain; other times I have to sit and look at my belly button for an eternity, and if is rainy and thundering and I cannot go for a walk, then I have to expand my wish list on Amazon.

But, in the end my pleads are always answered. Frequently, I become possessed by Kronos, the god of time, who announces that the moon is coming out in the next few hours with or without my blog. Other times, I have become moved by Hades, the god of the underworld, who question my abilities to write and pulls me to the ground to surrender to not knowing.

See! It is not always easy, but if we open ourselves to enthusiasm, it eventually comes and, it  might come sweetly and with grace. For me this is when I connect to the moon rituals that I offer every two weeks with the new and full moon. Yes! The moon goddess is always willing to fill me with feelings and words that I can share with you.

How is your enthusiasm? When does it arrive?

Although in our times the word enthusiasm has shed its mystical connotation, next time you feel enthusiastic, notice what aspect of the divine is favoring you with such deep force and motivation.

Marcela Lobos