chakras6Occasionally in the winter months our bodies can begin to feel sluggish and out of balance. Not only do we feel the effects physically, but we may find ourselves experiencing the winter blues.

Our Luminous Energy Field (LEF) surrounds and informs our physical body, and can be depleted through poor diet, environmental pollutants, and stress. To ensure our health and vitality, and extend our active lifestyle, we must clean and replenish the essential light which gives clarity and fuel to our body. 

—– The luminous body holds a template of our health. It encodes
—– how we live, how we age, how we heal, and how we will die.

Here is an exercise to help clear your chakras so you can get back to feeling inspired and energized – and enjoy the winter months!

Cleansing Your Chakras with Water

You can complete this exercise in the morning as you shower, or in nature by a waterfall, a stream or the ocean. Water is essential so you can rinse your fingers between chakra rotations.

—– Hold your left hand at the base of your spine, and with your right hand three or four inches in front of your
—–    pubic bone area, “feel” for your first chakra. A clear chakra will have a tingling, light vibration. In contrast,
—–    a dense, congested chakra will feel something like cotton candy.

—– ● Rotating your fingertips in a circle, spin the chakra counterclockwise three or four times.
—–    Rinse your fingers in water to wash away the sludge and toxins that adhere to the walls of the chakra.

———- ▸ for the second chakra, located two inches below your navel;
———- ▸ for the third chakra, located at your solar plexus; 
———- ▸ for the fourth chakra, at the level of your heart, in the center of your chest;
———- ▸ for the fifth chakra, at the hollow of your throat; 
———- ▸ for the sixth chakra, at the center of your forehead;
———- ▸ and finally, for the seventh chakra, at the top of your head.

—–  ● Now go back to your first chakra, and spin it clockwise three or four times to balance the chakra and reestablish its proper direction of spin.

 ———- ▸ Repeat for all seven chakras.

This exercise allows each chakra to spin at its optimal frequency, unencumbered by the sludge and stale energies that cause disease. A clean chakra is able to draw in the energies of nature to nourish your Luminous Energy Field and maintain optimal health.

This exercise is found in my book, Illumination: The Shaman’s Way of Healing.

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