Journeying—a unique state of consciousness that you enter through guided meditations and breathing exercises—allows you to revisit the past to heal events that occurred long ago, and to find more desirable destinies for yourself and your loved ones.

Last week you took your first journey to the primordial Eden in the Lower World, where your lost soul parts have remained in grace and innocence. As you learn how to retrieve these lost soul parts, you will recover the original clarity and brilliance of your soul.

The Lower World is far more complex than it appears at first glance. In fact, it’s divided into four chambers, each containing a record of your soul’s history. As you journey, you will be able to read these records and uncover your deeply buried wounds, contracts, blessings, and gifts.

The first realm is the Chamber of Wounds, where you will discover the original wounding that caused part of your soul to flee and derail the course of your destiny. Here you won’t be looking for the most recent manifestation of this injury—which might be a lost relationship or a personal crisis—but for its source. This may be something that happened to you as a child, while you were still in the womb, or during a former lifetime. Everyone has an original wound that becomes a recurring theme in life, repeating a script of scarcity, loss, betrayal, abandonment, or lack of love within a family and across generations.

The second chamber is the Chamber of Contracts, where you’ll discover the soul promises that you’ve made. Many of these will be terrible obligations that you agreed to before your current lifetime, and which you no longer remember. Most were entered into during the fear and stress of your original wounding. In this chamber, you can renegotiate the terms of an agreement that was poorly worded, and which sentenced you to repeated suffering.

The third is the Chamber of Grace. Here you’ll find your healed soul part, which is ready to return to you with all its life force. Grace is the fuel that propels you forward in life, that brings joy and peace. It isn’t enough to journey to discover the pathology created by your wounds; you must also seek beauty, harmony, and the unique gifts of your soul. By retrieving this missing soul part, you can rekindle your passion for life.

The fourth chamber of the Lower World is the Chamber of Treasures. It can be tempting harvest the prizes that are closest to the surface, and which suffice for an adequate and ordinary life. But we must dig deep in order to gather the most precious bounty buried far below. Like diamonds, the greatest treasures can only be extracted with significant effort.

When I do a soul retrieval for someone who’s having difficulty manifesting who they want to become, I’ll go into the Chamber of Treasures to help them retrieve an unexpressed creative or artistic gift. It is there, deep in the unconscious, that they can find the resources that will help them live more fully.

We mend the past and heal the future by tracking for our highest destiny. Destiny tracking is practiced by native cultures throughout the world who perceive nature as a vibrant, pulsing field of energy. For example, in the 1870s, the leader of the Native American Osage nation tracked along invisible trails to find the most desirable place to relocate his people. The chief selected a part of eastern Oklahoma for resettlement. According to legend, the land spoke to the people and told them it would always take care of them. The Osage became the richest people per capita in the world during the oil boom of the 1920s, thanks to an enormous supply of oil found on their lands. To this day, the Osage have contracts with some of the country’s biggest oil producers.

Like the Osage, you too will find the places that are best for you to live, the work that’s most meaningful for you, and the relationships that are most fulfilling.

This work should never be taken lightly, as it can be very unsettling to uncover forgotten or repressed wounds. Always remember to prepare by opening and closing sacred space and asking permission to enter and leave the Lower World.