The Gran Hotel Lago is located only 13 min away from the city of Puno, near the Inca Uyo or temple of fertility in the village of Chucuito, on the shores of Lake Titicaca. The GHL has an incredible natural scenario on the Peruvian Andes and majestic views of Lake Titicaca and its surrounding landscapes.

Any dietary requirements must be communicated in advance to the Four Winds Society, once program starts we will not be able to accommodate any special needs.

At Amantani, we spend the night in the homes of the villagers and enjoy their warmth and hospitality. Life in these villages is humble, so accommodations at the villager’s homes are rustic.



Sample itinerary subject to change.

Day 1: Travel to Titicaca and meet at the Gran Hotel Lago. Evening welcoming circle to meet your guides and fellow travelers and set to your intentions.

Day 2: Morning sacred feminine movement follow by a ceremony of Ayni (reciprocity) to connect with the forces of nature and the spirits of the lake, and to pray for an auspicious journey.

Afternoon walking meditation over rock formations of a great mother Serpent and Jaguar and all the way to the mythical portal of Aramu Muru, known as the “Gate of the Gods”.

Day 3: Morning visit of crop circles. Honoring the spirit of the feminine with ritual movement, chant, and meditation. Pic-nic lunch.

Afternoon in Sillustani, a pre-Inka burial ground of nobility and shamans, to work with the process of death and release.

Day 4: Morning departure to the island of Amantani to take part in ceremonies at the ancient temples of the masculine and the feminine.

Experience a magnificent sunset and spend the night in villager’s homes.

Day 5: Sunrise departure to Isla Soto or Taquile (depending on the energy of the group) to continue our deep feminine rituals.

Afternoon return to the hotel for an integration circle. Evening full moon rites under the luminosity of la luna held by the waters of Titicaca

Day 6: Morning meditation and deepening circle at the hotel.

Afternoon visit to the Temple of Fertility to call forth the seed within us that is ready to blossom into life.

Evening closing ceremony.

Day 7: Sacred feminine movement and blessed departure after breakfast.



Subject to limited availability. Sample itinerary subject to change.

Day 7: Cross the border to Bolivia. Scenic boat ride to the stunning Island of the Sun and settle into our hotel. Evening walk to enjoy a magnificent sunset and meditation. Chose an early bedtime to dream with the celestial dance of the sun and moon or continue into the night and participate in a transformational polarity exercise.

Day 8: Vision quest at the Island of the Sun. This is a very personal, deep dive into your solarity and balancing with the masculine principle thru connecting with the indigenous sacred sites and traditions.

Day 9: Visit the Island of the Moon for the day and celebrate with ceremonies of our cyclical nature, the flow between the moon, womb and waters, and creating greater planetary balance with the feminine principle.                  

Day 10: Early transfer by boat and then bus to La Paz, Bolivia.