— The Luminous Energy Field

The Luminous Energy Field (LEF) — also called the light body, halo or aura — is a matrix that envelops and informs the physical structure of all living beings, and organizes the body the same way that iron filings are organized by a magnet.

It is shaped like a doughnut with a narrow axis or tunnel (called a torus), less than molecule thick, in the center. Perceived as an aura of energy and light, this translucent, multicolored bubble extends about the height of arms held above the head, the width of outstretched arms, and down into the earth about a foot.

The Luminous Energy Field is in continual flow:  As well as flowing clockwise around the body there is also a vertical flow up and down through the spinal cord and down into the earth, reentering the body through the feet.

It is a reservoir of vital force — a sea of living energy as indispensable to our health as the oxygen and nutrients carried by the bloodstream. These energies are the purest and most precious fuel for life. When the vital reserves are depleted through illness, environmental pollutants, or stress, we suffer disease.

The LEF contains a template of how we live, how we age, how we heal, and how we might die. This template is based on an “archive” of all of our personal and ancestral memories, early-life trauma and wounds from former lifetimes. These records or imprints are stored in full color and intensity of emotion.

The LEF is holographic in nature and has four multidimensional layers extending outward from the body: Causal (Spirit), Psychic (soul), Mental-emotional (mind) and Physical (body). The outermost layer, or membrane, serves as a defensive cocoon in the same way the skin protects the body.

Imprints of physical trauma are stored in the outermost layer, emotional imprints are stored in the second layer, soul imprints in the third, and spiritual imprints in the fourth and deepest layer.

Imprints in the LEF predispose us to follow certain pathways in life; they orchestrate incidents, experiences, and the people we attract to ourselves. They are like dormant computer programs that when activated compel us toward behaviors, relationships, accidents, and illnesses that parody the initial wounding: Our personal history repeats itself.

When there is no imprint for disease in the LEF, recovery from an illness happens at tremendous speed. By the same token, imprints can depress the immune system, causing delays in recovery. When we erase the negative imprint that caused the onset of illness, the immune system can rapidly eradicate the disease.

Many researchers believe the LEF is simply an aura produced by electric activity in the brain and nervous system. Shamans, however, believe that the LEF is what creates and continues to mold the body, the brain, and the nervous system.

Shamans also believe that everything we perceive is a reflection of an internal, individual map or blueprint that each of us has constructed about the nature of reality. These maps are stored in the LEF, and what scientists call neural networks in our brain.

Shamans know that if they wish to change the outer world, they must begin by changing the inner maps, by healing the imprints of disease and trauma from the LEF and upgrading its quality. When we do this, we create the energetic conditions for health — and disease goes away. This is the foundation of Shamanic Energy Medicine: To create and maintain extraordinary health, so that our healthspan equals our lifespan.

Cutting-edge neuroscience is now confirming what shamans have known all along. Thanks to neuroplasticity — the brain’s ability to organize itself into higher order neuro circuitry — we can create psychosomatic health.