teacher Training – Online

Starting May 22nd, 2023

teacher Training – Online

Starting May 22nd, 2023

Take the next step of the munay-ki

teach others how to discover the power of the awakened heart


Are you a shamanic enthusiast who wants to spread the joy of Munay-Ki teachings to the world? Whether you’re already a seasoned practitioner or just someone who wants to embark on that path, our program allows you to learn at your own pace and from anywhere in the world. Get certified to initiate others into the Munay-Ki lineage and fully immerse yourself in the art of teaching. With this training, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the sacred Munay-Ki traditions and be equipped to pass on this ancient wisdom to others. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to expand your knowledge and share the joy of Munay-Ki teachings with the world!


A unique online program that allows flexible learning


The beauty in the online version of our Munay-Ki teacher training program is that it gives room for flexible learning. No matter what your current schedule looks like, you can learn from anywhere and at a pace that suits you. No matter how busy your schedule is, you can fit this training into your life. Additionally, you will receive support from all of our experienced Munay-Ki teachers throughout the program.

In This Training you will:

strengthen your wisdom

Strengthen your wisdom about each Munay-Ki rite and lineage

Meet the best teachers

Become a valuable long-term member of our Munay-Ki teacher community and elevate your teaching skills to new heights!

Lead mythic journeys

Acquire storytelling skills and learn to lead mythic journeys

Explore new exercises

Explore new attunement and integration exercises of the Munay-Ki

be a part of a community

Become part of a tribe that meets monthly for relevant conversation and ceremony

cultivate teaching skills

Cultivate skills as a facilitator for groups and learn the lifelong skills of leadership and communication that will enable you to become a highly effective teacher.

Be the first to sign up and receive a special gift!


For all of you who register by midnight GMT on Monday May 8th will be gifted with an autographed copy of Marcela’s latest book, The Sacred Andean Codes, signed by Alberto Villoldo and Marcela Lobos.

The Contents of the Training


4-week online training

With The Four Winds lead faculty.


Modern digital training platform

That allows you to learn from anywhere and at any time.


Detailed Workbook

To further deepen your studies.


Additional bonus material

Videos from Marcela Lobos about the right of the womb and about honoring the cyclical nature of reality. A joint video from Alberto Villoldo and Marcela Lobos about changing your archetype.


4 live video-calls with your teachers

To practice what you are learning during the online training.



Of completion of the Munay-Ki Teacher Training from The Four Winds Society.


Full moon ceremonies

Be a part of the circle in our re-occuring full-moon ceremonies.


AYLLU Community

Special invitation to exclusive meetings hosted twice a year with our Four Winds teaching team to exachange best practices.

teacher Training – Online

Starting May 22nd, 2023

Get to know our munay-ki teachers


In this exclusive online training, you will have the opportunity to learn directly from Marcela Lobos and her core team of Munay-Ki teachers. Get to know more about each one of them below.

Marcela Lobos

Program Director

Marcela is dedicated to helping women by crafting “rites of passage” that allow them to find their power, grace, and wisdom.


Steffen Buffel

Lead teacher

Steffen is an intuitive listener who supports his clients in crafting new mythic maps for their lives. A former media and communications consultant, he offers his gift of service to the world as a digital shaman.

Karen Hoza

Senior Teacher

Karen is gifted at creating and holding safe sacred space for rites of passage, ceremony, personal transformation, and self-empowerment for groups and individuals.


Antonella Velasquez

Senior Teacher

Antonella integrated this practice with her work as Life Coach. Her path and inspiration is based on living reciprocity and compassion.