Our Energetic Makeup

Modern physics helps us understand how all of creation works together in its intricate and elegant dance of life – including at the micro and macro levels of particles and waves of light and of galaxies, black holes, and solar systems. However, it’s shamanic wisdom that helps us experience the workings of creation that are invisible to, and as yet not understood by, our science.

Understanding our energetic makeup and how it interacts with the field of energy, shared by all life, requires letting go of two things: old ideas about our separateness and any myths about being ejected from the Garden of Eden. Shamans know that we are unified with the whole, woven together into the tapestry of life. When we recognize the relationship we have with the field and the energetic gifts it has to offer us, we empower ourselves to claim those gifts and transform ourselves and our lives. Unlike in other traditions, shamanic wisdom teaches us that we never left the Garden. If we shift our perception, we can recognize that and interact effectively with the energy field that we are part of and then influence it in ways that help us thrive.

In the early 20th century, physicists discovered that the electron has both a particle state and a field state. In fact, the electron is a wave that will collapse into a particle when you attempt to measure its position. When you fire an electron at a steel plate with a hole in it, the electron will pass through it like a bullet, so obviously, it has to be a particle. If the steel plate has three slits in it instead of a hole, the electron will pass through all three like an ocean wave washing its way through a wooden fence, so obviously, it has to be a wave. Although scientists were initially reluctant to recognize that the electron had both a field state and a particle state, they eventually came around to accepting this strange notion.

The behavior of electrons can be seen as a metaphor: it suggests that every human being has a particle state (a body) and a field state (which we’ll call the energy body). Your energy body is part of the quantum field into which all reality is woven, including the chair you’re sitting on, the air that you’re inhaling and exhaling in exchange with plants, the land and the sea, the dragonflies and the elephants, the sky and the stars. The separation between you and everything else is a trick of the mind.

When you practice shamanic healing, you are working with energy – around you and within you – to upgrade the quality of your energy body. This field of energy is infused with wisdom. This means that what happens outside of you affects what happens inside of you, and what happens inside of you affects your body and what goes on in your world. What you vibrate, you create.  You learn to work with the seven-chakra energy centers within your body’s energy field. I like to think of the chakras like a hard drive that holds information – the story of a person’s life.  Cleansing and balancing the chakras removes emotional debris: feelings of anger, fear, or despair.

What is this field we are woven into? The language of physics helps us understand what has been described in largely esoteric terms: emptiness by the Buddhists and ether by the European mystics. But shamans will tell you that within the field exists not just energy but consciousness – the consciousness of Spirit, which is characterized by love and wisdom.

Are you ready to vibrate with the consciousness of Spirit: love and wisdom?