— Speaking Your Truth — The First Giveaway

Speaking your truth is the first of three giveaways. This is a beautiful concept when it comes from a healed place, a place of hummingbird, a place of love. Many of us have had the painful experience of someone directing their “truth” at us from a wounded place, from old stories and unresolved emotions, and may cringe when someone says they want to share their truth with us. 

When sharing our truth, Shamans know that words carry great energy so we are careful to speak our truth from a place of love. We do so while recognizing the tremendous power of words to wound or to heal and that words hold enchantment because the ones we choose to describe our reality become our reality.

Finding our truth and wanting to share it can feel scary. We sometimes fear how others will react to us if we share ourselves openly, revealing our true nature. When we share our truth from a place of love, we need not be constrained by fear that something will go wrong. When we do not share our truth, we cannot live openly and freely, and we begin to wither inside. Instead, we choose to courageously unfurl our wings and fly wingtip to wingtip with great spirit to create a sacred dream.

How do you find your truth? You do not need to look outside of yourself, you will find it within when your head, your heart, and your soul speak in a single voice. How will you know your truth? It is mysterious, hard to articulate, subtle. It insists that you perform acts of courage and deeds of valor that are sometimes scary. It encourages you to lead from vulnerability, to expose your soft underbelly, to take off your emotional armor. It is yielding yet courageous; soft yet unstoppable, allowing you to be who you are, take it or leave it. 

The take it or leave it kind of person is one we often admire but doubt we have the courage within us to become. Coming from a place of fear we might ask ourselves what if people we care about decide to leave it? Or, coming from a healed place, we might instead ask what if being ourselves allows us to dream big dreams—ones filled with possibilities, not weighted down by the opinions of others—constantly reminding us of the odds against success. This is what is means to live fearlessly within a sacred dream. You become the self-referencing shaman, unfettered and fearless, following your chosen path alongside those other fearless travelers also living their sacred dreams.

Do you dare to speak your truth and be who you are, take it or leave it? In next week’s blog I will talk about the second giveaway, finding beauty everywhere.