—The experience of oneness

The experience of Oneness is the awareness of a reality where our separateness from creation and each other is an illusion—a trick of the mind. We truly are One.

You cannot experience Oneness by chanting Om or repeating a prayer. You need the brain chemistry that supports it. You acquire this with the help of neuro-nutrients that enable the pineal gland to produce DMT (dimethyltryptamine), a compound that has been referred to as the “bliss” or “Spirit” molecule.

DMT is found not just in the human brain but throughout nature: all plants, animals, and even trees produce it. It is the main component of ayahuasca, a psychedelic concoction brewed up by Amazon healers as an aid to visioning and psychic exploration. The brain produces DMT when we dream, meditate, make love, and especially when we die. The pineal gland does not produce enough DMT for us to have a psychedelic trip, but it does manufacture enough for us to have the experience of Oneness—where life and death flow seamlessly into each other and where you reside in infinity.

But the brain cannot produce bliss molecules if it is flooded with stress molecules. First you must chill, detox, and change your diet as I describe in my latest book, Grow a New Body. It’s a process: Shedding toxic behaviors and limiting stories about yourself puts you on the path to healing your emotions and crafting a new destiny. Detoxing the brain and body provides a clean slate to nourish and upgrade with superfoods and supplements that switch off the genes that create illness and switch on the longevity genes. Tuning in to your spirituality allows you to glimpse the invisible world and to experience Oneness.

The experience of Oneness restores inner harmony and facilitates recovery from all maladies, regardless of origin. I call this system One Spirit Medicine because it requires the power of Spirit for renewing the body. You emerge from the process with strong new cells throughout your body, a wholesome diet and lifestyle, and a health span that will equal your life span.

Through One Spirit Medicine and the experience of Oneness you to come to understand the workings of creation. This understanding is not academic or intellectual; it’s experiential and sensory—a knowingness that pervades every cell of your body. You don’t suddenly have a eureka moment, instead, you experience a transcendent awareness that penetrates your whole being. You truly grasp that energy and consciousness can never be destroyed, only transformed into myriad shapes and forms, one of which happens to be you.

Until you glimpse non-ordinary, invisible reality, your brain will remain biased toward doubting “what’s out there.” But when you experience Oneness, the sense of separation dissolves, as you perceive yourself to be an inextricable part of the larger whole.

The invisible world is unified, nonlocal, and beyond spacetime. Though omnipresent, it is not visible to ordinary perception: we know it only through its manifestations. We can directly apprehend the invisible realm only when our perception shifts, and the barrier between the two worlds momentarily drops away. This will happen naturally and by itself as you upgrade your brain. The perception of unity and Oneness is inevitable.

Remember that Spirit is always present in your life; you are an expression of its infinite potential, manifest in flesh and blood. And as you and Spirit are inseparable, you can experience the Oneness of all of creation within you. But your personal, individual awareness is merely a drop in the ocean of all consciousness. Unlike your mind, which thinks you’re the center of the universe, your spirit is free of any obsession with “I.”

You will come to see that your individual awareness is never truly separate from this greater consciousness; you merely experience it as separate while you have a body, a physical form. Like a wave in the sea, you are a distinct and unique individual, but at the same time you are never separate from the sea itself, from your source.