The Extraction of Intrusive Energies and Entities

A crystallized energy embeds itself within the physical body. An intrusive entity embeds itself within the central nervous system. Intrusive energies and entities cannot be extracted using the technique described in on hardened energies, since they are fluid and can move around the body. It is like trying to grasp water; there is simply no way to hold on to it.

Intrusive energies or entities are disincarnate spirits trapped between this world and the next. They attach themselves to a chakra and through it connect to the central nervous system, where they enter into a parasitic relationship with the host. Intrusive entities are mostly lost souls seeking healing whatever way they can, but there are exceptions — occasionally we encounter what I refer to as a “nasty.”

One out of four people who come to see me has been affected by intrusive energies or entities.

Many psychological and physical problems are caused or exacerbated by them, including anxiety, depression, addictions, mood swings, and a host of other symptoms. Once the intrusive entity is set free, the client can more readily change his behavior and often experiences spontaneous healing.

Crystals—the most stable structures in nature — are ideal for extracting intrusive energies and entities. They are transducers, meaning they can convert one kind of energy into another.

For Illuminations and most other energy work, one healer works with a client. However, for extracting intrusive energies/entities, it is best to have two trackers assist the healer. Before I perform an Extraction, I make sure my client has previously received an Illumination.

To determine if there is an intrusive entity or energy present, I use a muscle-testing procedure. I have my client stand up, clasp his hands together, and hold his arms before him, parallel to the ground. I then ask him to resist as I exert pressure on his wrist with my right hand. The level of strength I find during the muscle testing is the benchmark for the state of my client’s Luminous Energy Field.

 Standing behind my client, I position my dominant hand (my right) at the base of the spine, over the coccyx. My left hand rests at the base of the neck. I visualize red-hot energy flowing between my hands until I can feel it streaming through my client’s spine and into my hand at the neck.

This fire-hot energy temporarily dislodges any intrusive energy/entity attached to the spinal cord.

Once I feel the energy flowing strongly, I retest my client. If his strength is as great, or greater, than the benchmark level, no energy/entity is present and no Extraction is necessary. If his strength level is substantially weaker than the benchmark, an Extraction is needed. When an energy/entity is dislodged from the central nervous system, the strength of the Luminous Energy Field momentarily collapses. Physical strength leaves for a moment as well.

The actual extraction must be performed within five minutes after energizing the spine, before the intrusive energy/entity re-adheres. If I have assistants, one of them will track while the other is running energy. The person running energy sends it up the client’s spine during both the testing process and the actual Extraction. The tracker locates and monitors the position of the energy/entity throughout the process.

Facing my client, I take his hands and hold a four- or five-inch-long, clear, double-terminated extraction crystal in one of his palms. Then, I begin to jiggle his hands, moving them up and down while simultaneously tuning-in to the energy/entity. I take my time with this process, using my breathing to remain calm and centered. I ask the client to report any feelings or images that he perceives.