One of the Munay-Ki transmissions, the Harmony Rite gives us a profound sense of balance and protection through the wisdom of seven archetypes residing along our energetic body.

These are four animal spirits revered by the people of the Andes and the Amazon: Serpent, Jaguar, Hummingbird, and Eagle/Condor, as well as the teachings and protection of the Guardians of the three worlds: Huascar, Quetzalcoatl and Pachakutec. Combined together, these allies carry the message that throughout our lives, we can walk ahead with a greater sense of peace, power, wisdom and harmony.  Traditionally, the initiate receives the rite in form of seeds, that once cultivated, help us to maintain the integrity of our whole beings and gives us keys to practice the essential principle of ayni, reciprocity and balance with all life.

Along the seven chakras

At the first level of our connection to the Earth, the physical level, our root chakra, resides the archetype of the Serpent. Linked to our sense of safety and belonging, it is our foundation. Serpent teaches us to listen to our body reminding us we are part of nature, embodying its cycles of renewal, creative life force and fertility, a permanent process of transformation in which we learn to let go of what no longer serves our evolution.

In our sacral chakra, we find the archetype of the jaguar. Jaguar is linked to the element of water, bringing  greater emotional flow into our lives, pleasure, sensuality, creativity and desire. Jaguar medicine helps us to fully inhabit the present moment and enjoy our lives with grace and confidence, with courage to face difficulties. Jaguar is the spiritual guide that sees through death and knows how to leap out of this life alive.

At the solar plexus chakra, the Hummingbird is associated to the fire element, relating to our higher brain functions, our sensory perception and cognition. Hummingbird’s medicine enhances our personal willpower, opening the gateway to creative living through a clear intention and dedicated action. Hummingbird flies in confidence towards abundance with no limiting beliefs, in a light and swift movement to find the nectar of life, collaborating to bring beauty into the world.

At the level of our Heart chakra, we connect to the archetype of the Eagle/Condor. It represents the element of air and our connection to the Great Spirit through the most evolved part of our brain. From this perspective, we are aware of the interconnectedness of all beings and the infinite power of unconditional love. Eagle/Condor’s flight teaches us to live beyond our selfish desires, with a broad view, and reminds us the transcendental aspect of life.

At the throat chakra, the Guardian of the Underworld is linked to our past and the element of wind. In the Andean tradition, this Guardian is Huascar. He shows us how to bring the darkness to light, providing us with a fertile space for inner reflection and keys to make peace with our shadows reconnecting with the aspects of our lives hidden in our subconscious. From there, we can freely express who we really are.

The Guardian of the Middle World, the feathered Serpent Quetzalcoatl, resides in the Third Eye Chakra, home of our visionary capacities. Its element is light, and it is connected to the present and the worldly plane. This Archetype gives us keys to live in ayni with all our relations, manifesting synchronicities in our everyday life to generate meaningful circumstances in the present moment. We call on this archetype to be in harmony with reality and enter the sacred flow of the river of life.

The Seventh Archetype is the Guardian of the Upper World, Pachakutec. He resides in the Crown Chakra, linked to the element of consciousness and it represents heavenly order beyond linear time. The Upper World contains the potentials of our ultimate becoming for us as individuals and for all humanity. This archetype is connected to the purest nature of reality. It reminds us that we are made of starlight and that the entirety of the cosmos is contained in even the smallest particle. This awareness gives us perspectives of living in a more sustainable way and in greater harmony with all.

The gift of a harmony medicine throughout life

Navigating through the wisdom of these archetypes is a balancing and healing medicine that opens us to deep insights and higher perspectives. The seven archetypes of the Harmony Rite are living psychic forces that awaken qualities we already possess in our human potential.

By Marcela Lobos