Tune into the messages of Mother Nature

Nature speaks to us, all the time. She is always there for us, like a loving Mother, embracing us and giving us a delightful sense of belonging. She is holding us in her arms of sacred wisdom and protection, and we will feel her warm and eternal embrace if we open our hearts and widen our perception to receive her gifts.

You can learn to decrypt the timeless messages of Mother Nature and read the signs she is perpetually sending us. Listen, look around, open your heart, and you will hear and see. You will understand, through the whispers of the wind, the music of the raindrops falling on the grass, the dance of the leaves shimmering in the trees, the flight of the birds drawing signs in the infinity of the skies, the sunlight reflecting on the winding rivers and the still lakes, the flowers blooming revealing their treasures of fragrances and colors, their perfect shapes… All the elements express themselves in harmony, interconnected and collaborating to weave the purest essence of life. And remember, you are interwoven to it, naturally and undeniably.

Tune into the teachings of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit and feel how they are part of you, and you are a part of them, in every moment and every aspect of your incarnation. As all living things, you need them all. The elements are continuously fueling your lifeforce and teaching you powerful lessons of beauty and impermanence, of resilience and letting go, and of universal love.

Reading the Signs of Destiny

Once you have opened your heart and widened your perception, when you are able to read the warnings in the messages of nature and seize the opportunities Spirit offers to you through the guidance of Mother Earth, you will be invited to summon a higher destiny. This is a destiny you can choose, free from the limitations of your fate and the stories you have been told about how you will live and die. Fate is fatal. You can choose a beautiful destiny, not only for yourself and the people you love, but also for the whole planet. You can start to embody the new human being of the future, one that matches with the future wished by the grand-children of your children, and the whispers of Mother Earth. They will tell you about the world they dream of being born into. And you can get the keys to dream this world into being.

The wisdom of ancient divination tools

Worldwide, men and women of wisdom have used a wide variety of tools to see future events and find solutions to everyday challenges. Maybe you have your own favorite oracle, or maybe you read the Runes, the I-Ching, the shamans stones or the Mystical Shamans Oracle. Divination tools can help you to draw your own maps of Destiny, in a realm where you are no longer a victim of fate, but a creator of your reality at its highest potential. These tools can help you to heal past wounds and write a new enlightened story for your future, and for the future of our sacred Mother Earth.

The power of your dreams, of your choices and intention

Reconnect with the power of your choice and intention for the future of the whole planet aligned with your own destiny. You can dream a healed life, free of pain and suffering, on a planet where collaboration, respect and solidarity are the foundations of our humanity, and where we live harmonious relationships of reciprocity with All creation.

This dream can become reality, if we choose to dream it into being.

Are you up for it?