The Kore Program

Kore was the ancient Greek goddess of Springtime. The Kore program repairs your mitochondria, which have been assaulted by pesticides and toxins in the water and air since before your birth. Your brain-fog clears as you detox and attain new levels of energy and well-being within days.

Organic superfoods and antioxidant therapies turn-on stem cell production in your brain and renew every organ in your body. Energy medicine treatments from our shamans help clear your bio-field of the imprints of disease. With the best of ancient and modern science, we help you to develop a healthy body and radiant spirit.

All programs are supervised by Dr. Alberto Villoldo.


1 Initial energy medicine exam w. Alberto 50 min.
2 Energy Medicine treatments 50 min.
4 Oxygen therapy sessions (Los Lobos Only) 50 min.
3 IV Glutathione infusions 50 min.


Daily antioxidants and neuro-nutrients from the BRAIN BAR
Daily mitochondrial repair formulas
Daily detox drinks
Daily green drinks and protein shakes
Daily gut-microflora formulations

For more information about our Kore program, please contact our Academic Advisors at 877-892-9247, or [email protected].