Munay-Ki: The power of love

What is Love?

Love remains difficult to define. We can’t deny it when we feel it. We feel connected to our heart and infused by an exquisite warmth and sense of wholeness.

Love is the purest energy, the ultimate dream. Love is all we need, as the Beatles knew and spread the word around the world. Inspiration for all creators, love makes miracles and binds everything together. Maybe because love is the thread that weaves the fabric of life, the universal web to which we all belong.

The Heart always knows

We spend an incredible amount of time and energy searching for romantic love, looking for an ideal partner to fall in love with. We are blinded by our dream that often turns into a nightmare!. And when after a few kisses our prince turns back into a frog with a drinking problem, we feel disappointed. Lesson missed!

We fall when we forget that we are love, and that we can enjoy its sacred power and magic by opening our heart. Reaching upwards with its light like a growing seed.

Cultivate it within you

Focus on your Heart chakra, at the center of your body. This chakra bridges the three earth chakras and the upper ones, making it the meeting point for heaven and earth. The power animal linked to the heart chakra is the condor-eagle. It allows us to feel unconditioned love and invites us to become an open-hearted and compassionate person, in a flight where love can expand into infinity.

We can grow our own seeds of love, whatever our past dramas and broken dreams. We can do that by being present with ourselves in deep truth and honesty.

Munay-ki, a path of love through service

Being in service will keep our love, Munay, in expansion, connecting us to the music of the universe. The more we give, the more comes our way. The Munay-Ki rites show us how to keep our hearts open to experience reality without judgment; accepting it and bringing love wherever it is needed. Undressed from our ego and our need for recognition. Free.

We can activate the power of Munay by accepting our shadows and our light, our wounds and our strengths, our pains and our joy. The eyes of the heart will allow deep compassion to be our guide. We become the new generation of humans our world so much longs for.