Reconnecting with beauty – a reminder of what really matters

In a world of too much and too fast, the materialistic and consumerist pressure push us on a path where we have to respond to constant demands. We sometimes feel overwhelmed, exceeded by our emotions. A storm starts raging inside us, and we react instead of creating. Chaos then becomes our reality. We lose the sense of our life, feeling empty and useless, because we are disconnected from our true essence and the purpose of our life. We get stuck in a limited vision and get dragged into our darkest thoughts in a downward spiral that seems endless. Going down this spiral of darkness, we are in survival mode. And yet, we came here to live, not to survive.

Within each of us lies an inner capacity to switch our vision towards the light again and access the timeless power of beauty. Beauty and light are never far away, they are waiting to burst forth from every corner of our being and flood us, to reveal that other part of who we are, the one who is free, whole and fulfilled, dancing with life, embracing every moment as a blessing. The light needs darkness to bloom out of it, the same way as music blooms out of silence.


Mother Nature is always there for you

Anytime and all around, you can feel her warm embrace whenever you wish. Take a walk, breathe, find a tree and embrace it, until you feel your heartbeat at unison with the heartbeat of the tree. What you hear is the heartbeat of Mother Nature. Breathe with her, and tune into her sacred music, let her melodies infuse you and guide you towards her beautiful harmony. You are part of Mother Nature, and therefore, entitled to co-create with her. You too, are a creator of beauty and harmony.


Belonging to infinity

Remember we are here and now on this planet amidst an infinite universe in constant movement of expansion, growing, creating timelessly. Remember you have had the blessing of experiencing life in this body. Feel gratitude for this miracle, beyond all the challenges and suffering you may have to overcome in this life. Connecting to the timeless wisdom of the universe, you will be able to explore new realms of reality where you can tap into its infinite strength, feeling intertwined with the natural elements and sensing how you belong to their beauty. You are a unique and irreplaceable part of the sacred Oneness.


Beyond time and space

Beauty is all around you, in the shivering of the leaves reflecting the golden sunlight, in the blossoming of every plant, in the sound of the falling rain, in the clouds opening to let appear a rainbow, in the soft and powerful movement of the crashing waves, in the flight of the swallows, in the eyes of your beloved ones, and in your own heart. You are part of this everlasting beauty, and you have the power to embody it and share it. When you feel this profound and timeless oneness with all beauty, your soul releases the weight of your constant self-damaging thoughts and a new power starts growing within you like a seed. You then reach the inner state that will enable you to shine and achieve your highest dreams and your soul’s highest purpose. You are at peace, within yourself. Connecting to the live consciousness of the cosmos, you can dream your dream into being. Feeling intertwined with infinity will give you wings to fly your life journey with a lighter and wider perception of the meaning of your life and serve a higher task.