— The Third InsighT: The Way of the Seer

The Four Insights are wisdom teachings long protected by secret societies of Earthkeepers—the medicine men and women of the Americas. They reveal ancient technologies for becoming beings of light with the ability to perceive the energy and vibration that make up the physical universe at a much higher level. The ancients used their mastery of the insights to heal disease, eliminate emotional suffering, and grow new bodies that age and die differently. In earlier blogs, we covered the First Insight: The Way of the Hero, and the Second Insight: The Way of the Luminous Warrior.

To be a seer is to walk softly on the earth and dream destiny.

In this modern world, the dreamtime has been consigned to the domain of sleep. To experience it, you have to lie down, close your eyes, and enter that deep reverie where images appear to you. Yet for an Earthkeeper, there’s little difference between the sleeping and the waking dreams of everyday life. Earthkeepers try to be fully awake even while asleep, and, when awake, they are able to dream a world of grace and beauty into being. In the lessons of The Way of the Seer, you will learn how to create with your eyes wide open, and you’ll understand why your dreams (and nightmares) always come true.

The word dream often has a negative connotation for us because we think that it’s a waste of time when done in the day and meaningless at night (or at best a message from our subconscious to be decoded in the morning). We don’t realize that we actually generate the reality we live in, that we dream the world into being—so our ability to craft beautiful visions while awake is very important.

When you master the art of dreaming with your eyes open, you can stop going through life unconsciously. You can begin to create a rich life instead of settling for the collective nightmare of society. You become the author of the epic poem of your life, rather than an unwitting participant in the events occurring around you. When you learn to dream, you no longer have to act out scripts that cast you as the victim, the rescuer, or the perpetrator. You can free yourself from the limitations of your stories, instead of clinging to them in order to give yourself a false sense of security.

The hummingbird’s quality of stillness in flight is required here. You must go beyond inspirational words or just thinking about how to solve problems, and enter into the stillness of your soul, crafting a vision of what you want your world to be.

In psychoanalysis, you learn that every symbol in your nighttime images represents a part of you: The scary ghost, the fair damsel, and the burning house, can all be interpreted as aspects of yourself. To begin crafting your vision, you must become aware of your waking dreams and their symbolism. You can apply the same analytical approach to examining your waking dreams. Symbols are everywhere, and everything that you experience mirrors a part of you―so when you can perceive reality in this way, you understand how you’re already dreaming your world.

Now, the notion that we dream our world into being mustn’t be used as an apology for staying uninvolved socially or avoiding those in need. Rather, natural disasters and other tragedies need to move us to do even more to assist others so that we don’t wait for large-scale calamities to wake us up to the need to share our resources and stop the destruction of the environment. And we can dream a world in which these tragedies don’t happen to us. If many of us hold a dream of hope and possibility, we can make a huge difference.

As a seer, you don’t have to participate in the dream that says that the purpose of everyone’s life is to be a completely obedient child and excellent student and then graduate to marriage, family, a steady job, a house in a nice neighborhood, and a television with 200 channels—after which you retire to a comfortable gated community. While this may be the American dream, it doesn’t have to be yours. (It’s certainly not mine!) There are so many more interesting dreams you can create.

Too often we take for granted what our collective dream tells us is possible or impossible, acceptable or unacceptable. In fact, most of us are unaware that we’re being dreamed and that we might envision something else that’s uniquely ours. We only recognize this when we escape from our very limited experience and are exposed to something new―for example, when a young person from the Bible Belt goes off to college, the Army, or the big city, and he or she is shocked to find that there are people who are agnostic and yet very decent and ethical.

If we don’t like the world we come from, we can open our eyes, be conscious, and create something different. One way to do this is through prayer, which can have a powerful effect in certain situations. As a form of prayer, visualization works at the level of hummingbird, using the language of images. We may form a clear picture of living in a big house on the ocean, for instance. Visualization is much more powerful than affirmations, which work at the level of the mind (perceptual level of jaguar) and employ the language of words. To truly create world peace, we need to pray a peaceful world into being from the level of hummingbird.

The universe always mirrors back to us the conditions of our dreaming. So, if we’re fearful that money won’t come to us, it won’t. However, if we experience abundance with what we have today, even if we don’t actually have money right now, we will have abundance, and we can be sure that further riches are on their way to us.

Wherever you go, there you are. You bring the energy of your beliefs, your mental state, and your emotions into every circumstance, and the universe responds by meeting your expectations. There is no objective reality, because your prophecies are all self-fulfilling. This is dreaming.

We can achieve anything we want by truly believing in the dream we’d like to experience and following the way of the seer. We do this through the practices of beginner’s mind, which we will cover in next week’s blog.

You can learn more about these wisdom teachings in my book, The Four Insights.