Transformative Wisdom and our Evolutionary Leap

We are witnessing an era of history drawing to a close. Before us is the possibility of humanity developing a grand new understanding as it emerges into the “fifth sun,” as the sages of Middle America describe this time. The Andean shamans believe that it is the time of prophesied reintegration of the peoples of the Four Directions. With their counterparts in other areas of the planet, Andean shamans are making offerings to Pachamama, Mother Earth. They do this to facilitate the bringing of a new order and harmony to the world. They hold that it is time to reawaken that sacred fire of their traditions and share it with the world to reunite all people.

The awakening I’m describing will be a global phenomenon, expanding exponentially as the few become many, as the people of all races become Earth stewards. But there’s a personal element to it, too. We can each choose to work through our personal issues that might whisper to us that, “I’m not good enough to do anything as important as all that” or “This sounds like feel-good spirituality, but what the shamans are talking about isn’t real. . . .” Believing you’re not good enough and pure enough to do the work is a form of self-indulgence; the same is true of assuming the work isn’t important enough for you to take it on. The maxim here is to bite off more than you believe you can chew, to find the entire desert in a grain of sand, and to say yes to the calling that has been softly whispering to you for some time.

As this regeneration of humanity gets underway, humankind can experience an evolutionary leap forward, a remaking of ourselves and the planet, but this will only happen if each of us discovers the magical, invisible realms through a shift in our perceptions and the architecture of our energy field. We can most easily make this energetic shift when we’re in nature, but we can also do it indoors by drawing on intentionality, personal power, and love to engage with mother nature. This is called the return to the mother—that mother that never left us and that wants us to be well.

To do this, we must shed our toxic beliefs about having to look out for number one only, whether “number one” is ourselves, our family, our community, or our country. We have to release any attachment to a specific outcome that might be beneficial to us but harmful to others. We have to serve something greater than our own desires. Only then will we see our desires being met.

As you read the Wisdom Wheel, and this month’s blogs, ask yourself what you need to do to become an Earthkeeper—and not do. If you know, get your mind out of the way and take action to align with the sacred plan encoded in the tides and eddies of the quantum field. Begin your work to serve this plan, for the gifts await, the medicine you have been seeking that will help us all to heal and to dream into being our new bodies and our new world.

Are you ready to become an Earthkeeper?