“The Earthkeepers teach that all of creation — the earth, humans, whales, rocks, and even the stars — are made of vibration and light.” —Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.

EARTHKEEPERIn the world of shamanic energy medicine we often hear the term Earthkeeper. But what exactly is an Earthkeeper, and how does it relate to you and me?

According to Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., the Earthkeepers are shamans who rose to the level of angels. Some are in human form and some are in spirit, but they have a clear mandate to protect and look after our planet.

Many of us have felt called to help, to heal, to work towards bringing peace to our world. We feel called to become protectors of our Mother Earth. Can we become Earthkeepers?

Wisdom traditions tell us that yes, we can become Earthkeepers. The Buddhists call these beings bodhisattvas who will help us to become angels ourselves. In the Andes and Amazon the Earthkeepers are call the Laika. The Laika tell us that we have the potential to become Homo Luminous. We can develop the Luminous Energy Fields of angels within our lifetime.

For centuries these protectors of the planet kept themselves secret. Today we are on the precipice of great change. Holders of the ancient traditions are calling us to join them as Earthkeepers.

Does this require years of training and living a monastic lifestyle? The life of a modern-day shaman is the life of you and me. Real people in a real world of jobs, families, commuting, and picking up the dry cleaning. The work of the Earthkeeper is our work and is available to all who are called, not just those who choose to live the lifestyle of a monk.

In his book The Four Insights, Alberto maps out a clear path to begin this journey to join the medicine lineage and dream new outcomes for our earth.

The Way of the Hero
The Way of the Luminous Warrior
The Way of the Seer
The Way of the Sage

Within each of these Insights there are four specific practices. Each practice teaches the way of becoming Homo Luminous.

The world we live in today needs Earthkeepers. Dr. Villoldo says this is a call we can’t ignore. We are losing species of animals and plants at an alarming rate, our water and air is polluted, our bodies are stressed and falling prey to the diseases of modern society.

The good news is that we, as keepers of this beautiful earth, can dream a new outcome! We can co-create with the Divine. We are not locked into an old destiny, we can heal ourselves and heal the world.

If you are interested in The Four Insights, Click here to download the poster.