expeditions1Dates: July 19-31, 2016
Hosts: Dr. Alberto Villoldo, Marcela Lobos

“For a long time we have been telling you we are at the Eleventh hour. Now the hour is here!”

Join Alberto, Marcela, and the medicine men and women of the Andes in ceremony and rites of passage at the most ancient temples in Peru.

In the VIA you experience the wisdom teachings of the master shamans. In a beautiful lodge in the Sacred Valley near Cusco, amid 20,000’ glacial peaks, you begin the day with yoga, Chi-kung, and tropical fruits. Every day you visit temples and archeological sites with Marcela and Alberto, and take part in ceremonies led by renowned medicine men and women. In the evening you learn and master each of the Four Insights of the medicine way.

The VIA is an opportunity to ‘dream a new world into being,’ beginning with your health and your spiritual calling. This VIA not an intellectual understanding that you can acquire from a book. It is a cellular ‘knowing’ that occurs during the initiations you experience at ancient places of power.

Group limited to 40 persons.
Land costs $4,800 Double occupancy, $5,550 Single occupancy




AUSANGATEDates: July 19-31, 2016
Host: Dr. Alberto Villoldo

The Holy Mountain has been a pilgrimage site for 10,000 years.
You acclimate to altitude in the Sacred Valley, visiting archeological sites and ancient temples in the clouds to prepare for our journey to the Mountain.

In Puma Marka you learn about the legends of the jaguar who knows the way beyond death into infinity. Daily Chi-kung and energy practices prepare you receive the power and grace that resides in Mt. Ausangate. You must be prepared for an arduous 5 days of high altitude hiking and camping. On our final day we hike to 16,000’ to visit the Rainbow Lagoon and meet the keeper of the rainbow. Open only to advanced students and graduates.

Group limited to 24 persons.
Land costs $4,800 Double occupancy, $5,550 Single occupancy



expeditions2Dates: April 3-9, 2016
Host: Marcela Lobos

Join Marcela Lobos on an exclusive journey to the Amazon Rainforest, work with Shipibo-Conibo shamans and learn their healing maps and cosmology. We work with accomplished, indigenous medicine men and women from a long shamanic lineage. This adventure is open to advanced students and by aplication only.

In this journey you detach from your personal drama and clear disempowering life stories and toxic relationships. Like the jungle jaguar, you track a destiny for yourself, and craft an original story for the next chapter of your life.

Our eco lodge is nestled in 500-acre private reserve within the Tambopata National Forest buffer zone, and is the most comfortable and well appointed lodge in the Amazonian basin. Colorful macaws and mischievous monkeys can be seen from the open-air verandahs, and a wide array of exotic flora and fauna can be found along the paths and waterways of the area.

Nighttime takes on a mystique of its own as you drift off to sleep to the sounds of the rainforest. During your free time you go on nature walks and canoeing in the lake. Our lodge is located in a malaria-free zone.

Group limited to 12 persons.
Land costs $4,800. Single Occupancy.

For more information about our expeditions, please contact Maria Clara Castaneda at 877-892-9247, or mariaclara@thefourwinds.com.


expeditions3Dates: October 30-November 7, 2016
Host: Marcela Lobos

An intimate journey to celebrate women’s rites of passage. Join Marcela in prayer, dance, and ritual to awaken the dormant serpent, the doorway to your feminine power. In shamanic ceremonies you leave behind the stories and roles that no longer serve you and discover your true beauty, inner wisdom, and the feminine mystery that lies at the heart of each of us.

Los Lobos is an intimate retreat and monastery in the mountains where you take part in a sweat-lodge ceremony and hikes. You also enjoy organic cuisine and get pampered in the spa with an ample option of treatments – from a facial to osteopathy to energy medicine.

Like the goddess Persephone we immerse ourselves in the journey of transformation, leaving behind the pain of our mothers and celebrating the community of our sisters. With the help of fire, wind, and song, we emerge renewed, awakened!

Also joining us is special guest Monicka Nataraj, world-renowned dance and movement master from India.

Following the journey with Marcela you may continue to the region of lakes, hots springs and volcanos in Southern Chile; to the dramatic landscapes of Patagonia; to the attractive town of San Pedro in the Atacama desert plateau; or to mystic Easter Island. We can recommend hotels and transport!

Group limited to 24 women. 
Lodging not included and must be booked separately at http://losloboslodge.com/lodge/

Optional upgrade: Brain Bar click here for more information.

$1,600 plus lodging



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