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Los Lobos


Los Lobos Lodge is a health spa and shamanic monastery nestled in a coastal mountain range adjoining a World Biosphere Preserve. They provide you with intimate luxury for a personal wellness retreat. Los Lobos offers two acres of organic gardens that provide fresh greens for all guests. The Lodge is located 1½ hours from Santiago and the International Airport, and 45 minutes from the beach at Viña del Mar and Valparaiso.

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Joshua Tree


Joshua Tree Retreat Center is the oldest and largest retreat center in the Western United States. It is a unique architectural landmark, with most of the buildings built by world-renowned architects Frank Lloyd Wright and his son, Lloyd. It is also a sacred site, frequented by Yogananda earlier in the 20th century. Joshua Tree’s mission is to support the education and nourishment of the infinite human potential.

Uniquely located in Joshua Tree, CA, only two hours from Los Angeles, two hours from San Diego, and 3 ½ hours from Las Vegas, Nevada, the center creates a distinctive vortex between three vital cities.

This beautiful location high in the desert offers privacy and peaceful atmosphere for learning and healing. Joshua Tree is 30 miles north and 3,000 feet higher than Palm Springs, and 20 degrees cooler! We have spacious rooms to work in, surrounded by windows and sweeping desert vistas. To view different lodging options, visit



In the Chiemsee region of southern Germany, Jonathan Seminarhotel is located at the edge of the charming village of Hart. The historical nineteenth century farmhouse, enhanced to provide beautiful accommodations, is surrounded by two large gardens and pleasant fields. Breathe the wisdom of the forest, walk the beautiful small towns in the profound mountains of the Alps, enjoy the colorful flowers and contemplate the luscious sunsets while basking in the rich culture of old Europe.

As you meet the tradition, the sweetness, and the medicine of this land, let your heart and soul be touched by the stunning landscape – lakes, mountains, rivers, and forest. A perfect place to connect with nature, Jonathan’s peaceful environment, warm-heartedness and hospitality will welcome you.

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Menla Venue


Set on 325 acres in the heart of the Catskill Mountains, Menla Mountain Retreat is surrounded by thousands of acres of forest preserve. Year round, guests enjoy fresh mountain air, unspoiled beauty, abundant wildlife, and rushing streams and rivers.

The property itself is the site of the oldest known meteor impact crater on Earth. Over millions of years, layers of sediment were deposited and the crater is now approximately 1.5 to 2 miles beneath the surface of the earth. Due to lack of solid bedrock, the gravitational field here is 0.2% less than in the surrounding areas.

Menla Mountain Retreat is a two-hour drive north of New York City. This combination spa, retreat and integrated healing center is operated by the non-profit Tibet House US. (In fact, “Menla” is Tibetan for “Medicine Buddha.”)

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Blue Spirit


Named the top yoga destination spa in the world, Blue Spirit Costa Rica provides an extraordinary setting to all who are dedicated to spiritual transformation, personal growth, and environmental sustainability.

Located in Nosara, the Blue Spirit yoga and meditation retreat center is perched on a hilltop over looking the Pacific Ocean and a three-mile white sand beach that is protected as a turtle refuge. The pristine nature, subtropical climate, dedicated staff, and the healing energy of the Nosara community create the ideal environment for your retreat, workshop, or training to become an unforgettable and deeply nurturing experience.

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Dunderry Park is situated in the heart of historic County Meath, in an enchanting, fully restored 200-year old Georgian residence nestled in 24 acres of wooded parkland.

A ten-minute walk from the village of Dunderry, and close to the ancient sacred sites of Tara, Newgrange and Sliabh na Cailleach, Dunderry Park is an ideal place to experience the magic and history of the land and realize the teachings received.

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