Clearing Heavy Energies with a Kuti Despacho

The Kuti despacho is put together with the intention of driving out dark and negative energies.  The ingredients are hot and spicy or dark and all that needs to be released is spat with gusto into the kintu leaves.




Ingredients you can use:

  • Black Paper (three sheets black poster board)
  • Black Ingredients: Black Beans, Black Raisins, Dried Peppers, Choo-Choos – Round black nuts from Peru
  • Red Ingredients : Red Beans – Kidney Beans Dried Red Cranberries Dried Dark Figs, Dried Red Peppers , Red Chiles – Large Red Chiles – Small
  • Bugs – facsimiles or . . . Insects – facsimiles or . . .
  • Use salt,not sugar
  • Incense – Four Directions
  • Kintus – Broken Leaves – Coca or Bay leaves in USA Flowers – Red and White
  • Red Wine
  • Pisco or White Wine or Vodka Glasses for Shamans Glasses for class

*** Everything is counterclockwise with the Left Hand 

  • Anise
  • Black Licorice Black Wild Rice
  • Shell
  • Figurines
  • Male and Female Figure
  • Coca Leaf Seeds – Small narrow and black Huayrurus
  • (Gold and Silver bead – cord)
  • Black Gummies Black Candies Chocolate – Bitter Bitter ingredients
  • Llama Fat or Replacement
  • (Beef Jerky)
  • Condor Feather or Falcon Feather
  • Bark of Nut – Looks like a piece of the brain
  • Black Yarn Red Yarn

*** Have a darker brown/ black/grey woven cloth around the black paper 

Important Points:

  • Counterclockwise with Left Hand
  • Do the despacho quickly – it is very hot
  • Broken Leaves for Kintus
  • Three people put their left foot on the completed and closed despacho; those who may have negative intent or sorcery being done on them
  • wear your black poncho, if you have one

At the Fire: 

The despacho is placed into the fire by the shaman at the end of the fire ceremony after the Pachamama stick has been placed in and everyone has left. The Shaman quickly places the despacho in the fire and moves away from the fire to a protected space while the despacho is being consumed.

Are you ready to be cleansed of dark and heavy energies before entering into the New Year?