Clearing Death with an Aya Despacho

An Aya despacho brings closure energetically after a death.  It is a collection of prayers and reminiscences that symbolize crossing over the rainbow bridge.  Any soul fragments that may be stuck or unfinished business is placed in the despacho to be burned so the soul doesn’t have to do this work to come to completion.  This despacho is a deep celebration of the layers of a person’s life.


Begin by pouring a glass of red wine and white wine representing the blood of Pachamama and the mountains and give to Pachamama, outside.  Then begin building the layers with sheets of black, red, green, blue, purple, gold and white paper.  Use the ingredients you can find, you can substitute other fats for llama fat or create a drawing of a llama fetus.

Black layer  –  lower world, the unmanifested, the potential

  • Place sugar in the four directions. Use breath and intent.
  • place first set of kintus that represent all that is unmanifested in your lives, your potential. Each kintu has a red and white carnation petal holding it. Red for Pachamama, white for the apus.
  • coca seeds–the unmanifest
  • waruru seeds–masculine and feminine
  • llama fetus–the unborn potential
  • llama fat–capability of animating the unmanifest.  It is the fuel to make the unmanifest, manifest.

Red Layer – Pachamama

  • chocolates
  • candles (not white)
  • red wine, say thank you to Pachamama and pass it around
  • photo of person
  • sprinkles
  • incense
  • herbs – thanking Pachamama for all the herbs she provides for us.
  • coca seeds – the most sacred to this lineage

Green Layer – Kay Pacha – Middle world, this world of our lived reality. 

  • llama fat – again the fuel
  • fruits, raisins, dates – represent the little old ancestors
  • alphabet noodles – represent language, our spoken words.
  • garbanzos, peanuts – all the foods our mother provides, our nourishment
  • quinoa – high in protein
  • tables, little figurines – that represent the aspects of our everyday life.
  • dollar
  • loadstone or magnet
  • coca seeds
  • cinnamon stick

Blue Layer – the sky, clouds, the Apus

  • sugar
  • clouds (Cotton balls)
  • silica – magnetic qualities
  • white corn
  • white beads – air spirits
  • angels
  • white grains
  • white flowers
  • feather – flight

Purple layer – the rainbow layer

  • sea shell – container for the intent of the despacho
  • inside the shell, a figure which connects the human and the sacred. This matches the person with their cosmic twin. We want to connect the spirit who has departed with their cosmic twin.
  • multi colored wool represents the rainbow bridge
  • rainbow ribbons
  • flowers
  • string to surround as a circle of life
  • confetti – joy
  • incense

Gold/Yellow layer  – vision, alignment with your destiny and your becoming. 

Place a new layer of kintus.

  • copal-golden incense to carry our dreams
  • silver and gold leaf….the knowledge of Inti and the knowledge of the mystery of the moon.
  • gold and silver flutes for the music in our lives
  • starfish – for the concept of as above so below
  • coca seeds

Final White layer –  Oneness/ Noithingness

Finish by folding and tying with a gold and silver thread.  Then take the despacho and place it into a fire to send the energy following the smoke to the heavens.

Are you ready to clear death from your calendar?