Eagle Courage

In eagle consciousness, we’re plugged into the divine matrix, aware that we’re at one with the infinite force of the universe.  To be truly creative and draw inspiration from this level – that of Spirit, of genuine originality – is the highest form of courage.

Now originality doesn’t mean figuring out how to build a better mousetrap; it means conceiving of a world where mice and humans live in harmony and our lives are all fulfilling, abundant, and sustainable.  This can only happen when we stip perceiving mice as adversaries that are separate from our world . . . which comes to us easily when we’re in eagle consciousness.

I recently read of a boy in Canada who exhibited great eagle courage.  Ryan Hreljac was just six years old when he learned in school that there are people in Africa who have no access to clean water and, as a result, they often die of disease at a young age.  Ryan couldn’t believe that anyone would have to walk all day to get to a clean water source – so although he was only a first grader, he became determined to find a way to finance a well for an African village.  He started by asking his parents if he could do chores to earn some cash, and when he brought his meager savings to a charity that builds wells in Africa, they were so impressed by his efforts that they promised to match any more money he brought in.

Newspaper stories about this bighearted child began to appear all over the world, and as more and more people heard the story, they began contributing to what became known as “Ryan’s Well.” Eventually, Ryan was able to pay for his well in Africa; his charity has inspired many people to contribute to the cause, and many more villages have received wells as the result of his efforts.

So we can see that when we have courage at the level of eagle, we have a perspective that’s beyond our years and experience. We don’t collude in the nightmare of powerlessness but instead trust that we will find the resouces we need to manifest our dream.  Eagle gives us the nerve to enter the unknown and trust that possibilities will present themselves.  In this state of creativity, all the filters in our mind that tell us why we can’t accomplish something disappear.

Experiencing creativity at the level of eagle is what some of us call “being in the zone,” or in perfect rhythm with whatever we’re doing.  Because we’re co-creating with the divine, the sculpture leaps out of the stone that’s been encasing it, or tennis match seems effortless, and so on.  Eagle creativity is fresh, original, and courageous; we don’t need a story to describe it because we can simply enjoy it in all its whimsy, messiness, confusion, brilliance, and beauty.

Are you ready to dream your world into being with eagle courage?