Shaman’s Way of Healing – LIVE – Basel, Switzerland

Shaman’s Way of Healing*

2-day Live Workshop with Dr. Alberto Villoldo


Take the first step on your shamanic journey and learn how clearing your energy body not only heals you, but also resolves the illnesses and dramas that are present in your family.

Remember that your health is the product of your lifestyle, your connection to nature, the way you pray, forgive and the beliefs you hold daily. Society has given us a set of beliefs that tells us exactly how we will die – not how we should live. They are called statistics.

The universe will inevitably confirm these beliefs.

So why not cultivate a healthier, more joyful way of being to escape the disease system of the West and create extraordinary health – physically, emotionally and energetically?

This workshop will begin your shamanic journey and teach you how to grow a new body that ages differently, heals and lives joyfully.

With exclusive fire ceremony on Saturday evening.

*This live event will be held at the Hotel Hofmatt in Münchenstein, Switzerland, in English. German consecutive translation is included.

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