Extracting Intrusive Energies

Intrusive energies can be physically devastating.  We bring toxic energies with us from our childhood trauma, and even from former lifetimes.  These energies are stale and dark and taint the luminous energy field, settling into the chakras in dark pools, and informing and affecting the mind and body.   They contain memories of painful events and hurtful people we have not been able to heal.  Eventually, these toxic energies can manifest as disease.  In Sharon’s case, they had settled in her hip joints, which looked dark and lifeless in medical X-rays, and also when I traced her with my shaman’s vision.  She had to be careful not to break her hip, and she was crippled and barely able to walk.

Often, it can seem that stark pain is directing the course of our lives when all the while it is nothing less than the pull of destiny.  Sharon felt like an awkward puppet on a string with jerky, stabbing movements.  After working with Sharon, I “saw” the shards of glass dissecting Sharon’s torso.  I perceived them as large, angular pieces bisecting her by using my non-ordinary shaman’s way of seeing.  Using non-ordinary seeing is essential to shamanic work.  It’s not always a gift, really, as I had no natural talent for this.  I was fortunate to have shaman teachers who trained me to “see” the invisible world, just as we train students in our Light Body Energy Medicine School.  This work isn’t for those looking for a fast way to begin seeing.  It involves experiences that are humbling, unsettling, and even terrifying, as you first have to be willing to “see” all the hidden and terrifying aspects of yourself, what Carl Jung referred to as the “shadow” that we tend to project and see in others only.

I began the extraction process as a surgeon of energy – no scalpel needed.  Extraction is essentially a practice of intention:  You use the finger to reach into the etheric realm and remove from the light body the energies that have hardened and crystallized and nearly become solid.  I work quickly with both hands to move the shards, which are cold and sharp.  It takes careful manipulation to grip and twist the shards this way and that in an effort to remove them from her energy field, taking the utmost care.  At last, I am able pull them out intact, leaving no shards behind.  I drop the “glass” to the ground, where it shatters into slivers that dissolve into the earth.  As soon as energies such as these are not bound to the body, they dissipate and are reabsorbed into the environment, like water seeping into the soil.

The extraction was a critical point in Sharon’s healing, she began to be able to walk.  Her doctors had no medical explanation for her progress.  Sharon believes that Spirit directed the course of her healing and that shamanic tools were powerfully effective.

Would you like to find out more about Sharon and all the work we did together? Find out more about her story in “The Shaman’s Book of Living and Dying:  Tools for healing Body, Mind and Spirit.”