Healing the Mother Wound

There is rarely such a thing as a new baby.  The little one, more often than not, is an old soul – sometimes even older than the mother who delivered him.  In this story, ancient wounds unite a mother and son as their spirits traverse the centuries.  It takes a shaman to cut the cords that bind Nathan beyond the realm of ordinary reality and to free him from his past.

The energetic cords keep us attached to people with whom we once shared pain or dreams.  And just as the maternal cord transports nutrient-rich blood to the child, the cords that link us to others are rich in emotion and feeling.  But like that first cord, they must be cut in order for us to come into ourselves, and to develop healthy relationships with those who love us, and sometimes hate us.

In his current lifetime, Nathan was raised in the farm country of Maryland. The youngest of four, he had been raised in a very strict Protestant household. His mother’s abuse had been a dark cloud over his entire life. He recalled being six years old and hospitalized, sickly and wasting away from a serious illness affecting his digestion, yet not wanting his mother to comfort him because he feared her. Despite the abuse, Nathan grew up, went to college and graduate school, and eventually became a psychologist and ordained minister, serving in the hollows of West Virginia.

During an initial session, Nathan journeyed to a past life where he was betrayed and drowned in the prime of life. Turning around he saw that his mother threw the spear that had come from behind and pierced his chest. We launched into an extraction of a crystallized energy that had the appearance of a spear protruding from his chest.

In a second session, I scanned Nathan’s luminous body and could sense a powerful entity. It was brazen, willing to be seen, and confident in its own control and power. It was unnerving, I looked at my client and knew an extraction was critical. But first, it had to be named. Naming a thing, knowing its nature, reduces its power. And this entity had a familiar name. It was the one with the spear. Mother.

The lethal energy was in every cell of Nathan’s body and the extraction was difficult. I had to be quick and smart in situations like this. Spirit is my only protection from the dangers I don’t foresee, which often lurk in the corners where dark energies hide. My vulnerability always brings me to the foot of the sacred mountains of Peru, where I received my initiation – no matter where I might be. I lift my eyes to the peaks, drawing on the power that is there for me.

There is much more to Nathan’s story, his freedom from this entity and his discovery of his past as a high shaman and teacher of others. Years later, he is possessed by an archetypal energy and to free himself finally, performed a ritual to help him end a conflict that had spanned lifetimes. There is a man at the heart of this story – a man and a high shaman.

Would you like to find out more about Nathan and all the work we did together? Read more about his story in “The Shaman’s Book of Living and Dying:  Tools for healing Body, Mind and Spirit.”