Finding the Power Animal You Need Today

Power animals are spirit helpers and allies that we can resort to when we need assistance. In the last blog, we learned how to call for one of the archetypal power animals, Serpent, Jaguar, Hummingbird or Eagle. In this meditation, Dr. Alberto Villoldo will take us on a journey to the island of the power animals to discover the power animal that is courting you at this time—the kind of knowledge and power that is available to you in order to move forward to take the next step in your life.

According to lore, a power animal is born at the same time we are and brings the gifts and attributes we have the potential to develop during our youth. During our lives we can find other power animals that bring us resources as we need them or during particular times in our lives. March is the time of one of the four annual solstices. Each solstice is a wonderful opportunity to journey to find a power animal that is important to us during the upcoming months.

When we call for a power animal, Spirit provides us with whatever we need—we do not get to choose. In fact, we may retrieve one that is entirely unforeseen, or actively disliked. The animal that comes to us represents an instinctual part of ourselves that we may have become disconnected from or even find distasteful. Working with a power animal is an instinctual process about who we are becoming, not about who we would prefer to be. It is up to us to learn its attributes as it reveals its wisdom.

Quite often, this will be one you haven’t foreseen, perhaps as simple as a swallow, or as rare as a crocodile. You must accept the power animal that comes to you, unless it’s an insect, which are associated with the Lower World and best left in their natural spiritual habitat.

Remember, working with a power animal is about who you’re becoming, not about who you’d prefer to be. Your power animal will connect you to your natural, unspoiled state. It will ground you in your instinctual self, and you can embody its teachings by communicating with it and learning its rhythms, movements, and ways of perceiving the world. If you would like to find ways to communicate with and embody your power animal, read this month’s newsletter. If you retrieve a power animal that you dislike, such as a serpent, remember that it represents an instinctual part of yourself that you may have become disconnected from and even find distasteful.

As you journey to the island of the power animals, you will have the intent to stalk a power animal for yourself, and to be available to be stalked by a power animal. 

Before you begin your journey, sit comfortably, fix your gaze in front of you (or close your eyes), and take your hands into prayer pose at your heart. Voice your intention to get in touch with your power animal on this journey. Now, open sacred space and perform the little-death breathing exercise and begin your journey.

What power animal do you need today?