— Invite one of the Four Great Power Animals

Power animals are the soul of the mother, Pachamama. The word animal comes from anima, the word for soul, meaning that animals are sacred. The Laika work with four great power animals of the four directions: serpent, jaguar, hummingbird and condor/eagle. As we come into right relationship with them, ayni, they bring us into right relationship with nature, our past, present and future.

We call on serpent, the mother of the waters to come and teach us the beauty way, to touch everyone with beauty, and to help us shed our past the way she sheds her skin. We call on Mother sister jaguar, the female jaguar who has no predators, no enemies, to fearlessly cull whatever is dead and dying within us. A wisdom that takes us beyond death. We call on hummingbird to teach us stillness in flight and to courageously follow our soul’s longing drinking only from the sweetest nectar of life. We call on Condor/Eagle to teach us to open our eyes so that we can fly wingtip to wingtip with great spirit, and always see the big picture.

I invite to connect with one of them today, the one that has the most teaching. Embody that anima, that soul of nature. Connect with an instinct you want to reset by embodying that power that will connect you with its medicine.

Take this powerful journey to connect with one of the four great power animals:

Imagine yourself in a beautiful garden.

On one side is a river and grass and behind you is a beach.

Sit on the cool grass and feel the sun on your face.

Summon the four great power animals of the 4 directions.

Sit in your garden, close your eyes and scan the 4 directions.

Then call on one to come to you.

Imagine you see a light approaching.

You can feel the warmth of one of the four power animals and you sense it before you.

Look at the great power animal that has responded to your call.

See it in front of you look it its eyes.

What does she bring to you—what knowledge, what courage, what insight, which lessons?

What must you allow to die within you for this force to reside in you?

Reach out with your hands and invite this great power animal into your heart center.

Bring her in – scales, claws, or feathers.

Bring your hands to your heart center and bring this energy into you.

Bring her into your heart and keep her energy, beauty and power.

Then turn to the direction your great power animal came from and bow to that direction for coming into you.

Ask the great power animal of that direction to teach you her ways and bring you back to the mother.

Ask her to make her instincts yours in these uncertain times and guide you, protect you, and give you clarity and guidance.

Feel this energy washing through your system.

This week as you go to sleep, summon that spirit animal to come and reveal itself to you during dreamtime.