International Supplement Distributors

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In the US, you can order your supplements through the FWS Store, or purchase through your preferred local health food store.

Europe (UK)

Pure Bio Limited
Supplier of Pure Encapsulations products

[email protected]
Phone: (44) 01403730342
Fax: (44) 01403732689
Ground Floor 44 Springfield
RD Horsham West Sussex RH12 2 PD

Europe (Germany)

Supplier of Pure Encapsulations products

[email protected]
Phone: (49) 080060090090
Fax: (49) 080060090091
Promedico Gmbh
Pilotystraße 4
D-80538 Munchen

Europe (Germany, Austria
and Switzerland)

Thorne Europe
[email protected]
Phone: +49 (0) 40 30 68 44 40
Fax: + 49 (0) 40 30 68 44 68
Jan Campertstraat 11A
6416 SG Heerlen
The Netherlands


FX Med
Supplier of Pure Encapsulations products

[email protected]
Phone: (64) 68439370
Fax: (64) 800439630
77 Austin Street
Napier, New Zealand

Quantum Life Technologies Pte Ltd
Leong Chi Chao, Business Development Executive
Supplier of Pure Encapsulations products

[email protected]
Tel : (65) 6733 3627
Fax: (65) 6738 1618
Mobile : (65) 96617381
4 Leng Kee Road, #04-01,
SIS Building, Singapore 159088

Natural Health Group Pty Ltd
[email protected]
Tel : (61) 800 74369
808 Pacific Hwy
Gordon, NSW, 2072

North America (Canada)

Douglas Canada
Supplier of Pure Encapsulations products

[email protected]
Phone: 866 856 9954
Fax: 888 2209441
490 Elgin Mills Road East
Richmond Hill, Ontario L4C 0L8, Canada

North America (Canada-Quebec)

Robert & Fils
Supplier of Pure Encapsulations products

[email protected]
Phone: 5142742568
Fax: 5142747894
1212 Louvain Ouest
Montréal (QUÉBEC) H4N 1G5

Contact your region’s international distributor and ask for a list of practitioners in your area who can order the supplements for you.