The momentum tunnel is the main channel of our time line, charting the events of our past, present, and future; in fact, 99 percent of our future possibilities can be extrapolated from the direction of its flow. These are the strands that lie inside the borders described by the solid cord of light extending from our past and into our future. Only one percent of the possible outcomes of our lives fall outside the momentum tunnel—these are the most difficult to achieve, but they’re often the most promising.

Our momentum tunnel is what keeps us going with the flow, executing the soul contracts we entered into when we were small, the genetic predispositions we inherited, and the choices we made before we were born. If we’ve already made the difficult choices that lead to wellness, longevity, and inner peace then our momentum tunnel may now be supporting our journey. (This is what happens when we change the toxic relationship, leave the nightmare job, eat well and exercise, and have harmony in our life.)

But for many of us who are in a more difficult place and wish to alter the course of our lives, the one percent that lies outside the momentum tunnel is where we can go look when our life isn’t working and we need to explore other possibilities. Rather than go about changing our lives one aspect at a time (dieting, quitting a high-stress job, and so on), we can change the whole trajectory of our momentum tunnel energetically by journeying along our time line to select a more desirable destiny.

This destiny is installed on our time line by the mere act of finding it and seeing it. The course of the momentum tunnel is then altered. We won’t need to micromanage every choice we make, we’ll merely need to be a good steward of the circumstances of our life, with the full knowledge and trust that the best destiny has already been selected. When destiny has been installed in our future, the universe conspires on our behalf to make it come true. Our inner-guidance systems direct us toward this destiny, and the hand of Spirit holds us.

However, changing the course of our momentum tunnel is often not an easy task. Let’s say you’re driving 100 miles per hour in a pickup truck with a washer and dryer in the back, and suddenly you want to make a left turn. Even if you manage to make the turn at 100 mph, the washer and dryer will keep going forward, and you’ll probably roll the truck over and go off the road. In order to make the turn safely, you need to slow way down. The problem is that most of us don’t know how to slow down the truck—that is, how to cut back on our work hours or change our relationship with our children—because we’ve lost control of the momentum that propels us forward.

In the following exercise, you’ll learn the landscape of your own momentum tunnel. It’s important to approach this exercise with an open mind. Destiny isn’t always what we might want it to be. Sometimes we truly need to change our lives, no matter how accomplished or successful, in order to have a healed and meaningful existence.

Begin by taking a sheet of paper and drawing four widely-spaced parallel lines going from left to right on the page. These are lifelines, along which you’ll chart your personal and family history. On the first line, you’ll plot those you’ve loved and when you loved them; these are your mad crushes, your sexual partners, your spouses, flirtations, and strong platonic friendships. Chart the names and the dates along this line.

On the second line, chart your emotional challenges. These can be bouts of uncertainty or depression, times of great happiness, or even stretches of time when you can’t recall your mental state. On the third line, chart the jobs you’ve had and the careers you’ve explored. On the fourth line, chart your personal and family health history; these are illnesses you’ve had, or those from which your parents, grandparents, and aunts and uncles suffered. 

Take a look at these lines, and compare them. Look for patterns: Do you end relationships just as they’re about to become truly intimate? Do you sabotage yourself just as you’re about to succeed at something? What was happening with your relationships, career, and emotions when you developed health problems? What are the positive and negative trends you see?

These strands—love, power, money/career, and health—are the four key time lines in your life. Woven into a rope at the core of your momentum tunnel, they’re the solid cordon of light on which the principal events of your past have been recorded. This is the fate that has been spun for you by your soul contracts.

Next week: Preparing for your journey to the Upper World.