The final and most important giveaway is the practice paying it forward without expecting anything in return. The way to experience this giveaway is to become Love, because Love is the essence of the Primordial Light and the source of infinite generosity. The third giveaway, the practice of love that is unconditional, taught us to practice love without conditions, without a scoreboard. Unconditional love is wild and fierce, still and tempestuous. It demands nothing yet requires everything.

As we enter this season of giving and of light, you may be struggling and experiencing these times as life handing out the bitter herbs rather than the sumptuous feast. You may find yourself lost in bitterness and despair. You may find it difficult to find things to be grateful for or to find it in your heart to extend generosity to anyone, let alone to extend it in the spirit of unconditional Love.

To motivate yourself, you may make generous gestures thinking you are making deposits into a spiritual bank account, available for you when the going gets tough. You make generous gestures but not in the spirit of unconditional Love. When giving generously in the spirit of Love, your gestures are made with no expectation of a reward of any kind. Giving in Love, we surrender our need to take credit and instead practice non-attachment.

Imagine giving without needing to post about it on social media, or even tell a friend. Instead allow the power of the Primordial Light, the Ti, to move in its own mysterious and marvelous way. Andean masters believe that once we understand everything in the universe is made of light, including ourselves, then we can have an experience of luminosity.

Achieving this phoenix-like act requires the most profound understanding of the nature of energy. Energy is who you are at your core. Your essence is pure energy, and the purest energy form of energy is light. To experience the purest form of energy, even your vocabulary has to change so that energy is no longer something you have, consume, or need to replenish. Energy is who you are at your core.

Realizing there is no difference between your light and the Primordial Light, you move freely between the visible and the invisible worlds as a luminous warrior with no enemies in this world or the next. Experiencing life as a luminous warrior you also become Love and embody the spirit of infinite generosity.

From this perspective it is possible to participate fully in the last and most important giveaway – paying it forward. Imagine the ways you can delight someone with a small note or a boquet of flowers left anonymously. Perhaps you might leave a small gift in someone’s mailbox or make an anonymous donation to charity. The possibilities are endless. Let your imagination and the joy of Ti be your guide.

How will you pay it forward today?