GROW A NEW BODY – Change your life

From the time we’re in the womb we suffer ongoing free radical damage to mitochondria, the fuel factories in our cells. This damage begins with our mother’s diet, and builds up from environmental toxins, pesticides, and stress, until it manifests later as disease. Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and all degenerative diseases of the brain have in common free-radical damage and mitochondrial breakdown.

In our exclusive Grow a New Body retreat, you will sample the brain foods and nutrients that repair the brain, regulate cellular energy production, and reverse the damage done by free radicals and oxidative stress. Detoxifying nutraceuticals, including antioxidant and mitochondrial repair formulas, will clear away the brain fog, relieve cellular stress, and bring you increased clarity and energy.

Shamanic energy medicine will clear the imprints of disease from your luminous energy field, your “life-matrix.” The illumination process switches on the genes that create health and switches off the genes that result in disease. And through shamanic energy medicine and soul retrieval you will recover parts of your essential self that were lost as a result of trauma or stress.

We’ve discovered that you can repair your brain and heal your body in as little as a week by re-activating your cellular detox and free-radical scavenging systems that have shut down with age and turn on your health and longevity proteins (Sirt1 genes).



Choose your program package:

The Kore Program
Cost: $4,400*

Includes delicious neuro-nutrients and superfoods to accompany your organic meals. As well as morning protein shakes, brain supplements and detox juices. Get the most out of daily educational sessions with Alberto Villoldo + one private consultation with Alberto and one soul retrieval session. Participate in shamanic ceremonies including a sweat lodge ritual* and daily Yoga & meditation activities. Four Oxygen mitochondrial repair therapy sessions.

*Please note that some services may not be available outside of Los Lobos Sanctuary in Chile.

*Airfare and lodging not included
The Intensive Program
Cost: $8,000*

Includes everything that is offered in The Kore Program + unlimited osteopathic treatments, massages, oxygen, and shamanic sessions.

*Airfare and lodging not included
Add-on Option: Heavy Metal Detox
Cost $2,400

Offered as an optional treatment during some of our programs. It includes heavy-metal chelation, and medically supervised IV infusions with essential nutrients and detoxifiers.

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Nestled in Chile’s coastal mountain range and adjoining a World Biosphere Preserve, Los Lobos Sanctuary is a health spa and shamanic monastery. Inspiring views, crystal-clear skies and breathtaking sunsets are the backdrop for guests to enjoy the intimate luxury and serenity of the grounds and the delicious local and organic fare.

All programs at Los Lobos Sanctuary include transportation on the day the program starts and ends. Lodging is not included and must be booked separately.