—S. boulardii, the friendly yeast

Last week we discussed the pesky yeast, Candida, and its arch-nemesis S. boulardii. You might be unfamiliar with S. boulardii, but it has a track record as a probiotic spanning more than 60 years. A company called Florastor sold more than 11 billion doses in the United States. The yeast was discovered in 1923 by anthropologist Henri Boulard, who isolated the strain from the skin of lychees and mangosteen in Southeast Asia. You can buy it separately from any other probiotics.

You are already familiar with the Saccharomyces family, as the cerevisiae strain, commonly known as brewer’s yeast, is used to ferment beer and bake bread. The difference is that the S. boulardii strain simply passes through your GI tract in less than a week, competing and driving out the bad Candida in the process. In taking S. boulardii, you will also be getting the benefit of the metabolites, the powerful by-products it manufactures. (Another example of metabolites from yeast is beer, from S. cerevisiae.) I believe that the metabolites are actually as powerful as the S. boulardii yeast itself and provide great benefits. According to research, S. boulardii also dramatically reduces the population of the bacteria H. pylori in the gut to levels where they do not cause peptic ulcers or cancer.

As remarkable as S. boulardii is, you can’t just take a few capsules and expect miracles. In fact, the reason you do not find many manufacturers adding S. boulardii to their probiotics is that it causes gas and bloating if you have a lot of sugar in your diet. The S. boulardii aren’t going to fight Candida if there is a slice of birthday cake in your gut. Instead, they’re going to have a feast eating the chocolate-chip cookies and fries that you just had for dinner. Then you will feel bloated and uncomfortable and find yourself passing gas. You should not take S. boulardii when you have lots of sugar in your system.

A powerful strategy for eliminating Candida is ingesting S. boulardii after two or three days of avoiding sugars and processed grains. S. boulardii is nontoxic, and unless you have HIV or are immune compromised, it does not remain inside your body. Also, it poses little danger of fungemia, a phenomenon where the yeast ends up going into the bloodstream. S. boulardii is even used with premature babies, as it has been shown to prevent the growth of pathogens, including Escherichia coli, or E. coli.

The power of S. boulardii depends on the dosage. And here is the crux of the problem: Most S. boulardii you buy in a health food store has been grown in a lab and fed white sugar and then transported over great distance under changing temperature conditions. In other words, it’s not happy. The microorganisms that survive are hibernating inside a gelatin capsule, and the last thing in the world that they want to do is to wake up in a stomach full of acid. These warriors arrive in your gut half-asleep and starved. They are no match for the Candida terrorists that have been feasting and growing strong inside you.

The solution is to grow your own S. boulardii at home using the recipe in my forthcoming book, Grow A New Body. The S. boulardii you cultivate will be much more potent than the store-bought variety and will be growing on high-quality sugars from your favorite organic fruits. Your S. boulardii will be ready in two or three days, after it transforms all the sugars into potent metabolites. When the fermentation process ends, the S. boulardii will go dormant. At this point you want to place your brew in the refrigerator and take a full soupspoon every morning before breakfast for two weeks. Now you will be ingesting a very alive formulation with billions of S. boulardii yeasts ready to go to work displacing the Candida in your system. I like to think of S. boulardii as the U.N. Peacekeepers that go into troubled parts of the world to clear out the bad guys. You want to prepare them to do their very important job, so start growing this Candida-busting yeast while continuing to avoid all sugars and grains. You should take this in the morning when you do not have any sugars in your gut, in order to avoid bloating.

In our Center for Energy Medicine in the Chilean Andes, we have batches of S. boulardii that go back many generations, each new batch becoming stronger and more intelligent than the previous one as a result of our prayers and intention. I have seen cases of parasites cleared up in a one-week course of S. boulardii. When I travel to Asia or to the Amazon rain forest, I always carry S. boulardii capsules with me, because while they are not as powerful as the ones I grow at home, they will stop traveler’s diarrhea in children or adults in a matter of hours. If you can prepare this probiotic at home, you’ll begin eliminating the stubborn Candida and prepare your gut to host a broad range of beneficial microbes. This is an essential step for you to grow a new body.