Spirit Water as a Shaman’s tool

Shaman’s use spirit water, agua de florida, made with vodka to preserve the elements and sweet herbs that give us the sense of our blessing and summon the archetypal energies in each direction to be with us and guide us in our tracking outside of time. As we call on these energies, we create sacred space around us, below us, and above us. In sacred space we become a hollow bone that is impeccable in accessing healing for our clients.

The Shaman uses the spirit water by taking a bit of it into the very front of her mouth and aspirating it outward like a spray. Our intention is to honor and feed the spirits we are calling upon.

Perhaps you would like to make spirit water for yourself. Before gathering the plants, herbs and oils you might sit quietly and call on the spirits of the plants to provide you with the names of the flowers and fruits and essences that are perfect for what you are creating in this moment. Perhaps an image or a smell will come to mind. Allow yourself to be guided from this place of silence and connection.

Preparing Your Spirit Water

How to Create Your Personal Spirit Water

Preparing spirit water is, generally, quite simple. It requires plants, herbs, and oils, which will then be put into a bottle with alcohol to preserve the materials. The most important factors in creating your spirit water are that the ingredients resonate with your heart and soul, that you set proper intentions, and that you offer prayers and love to the materials you are utilizing.

Recipe Suggestion

  • One liter bottle of vodka
  • A few sage leaves
    • A few grains of tobacco
  • A few bits of dried cedar
  • A little sweetgrass
  • A little lavender
    • A few flowers or flower essences
  • Cut up seasonal fruit

Gather the herbs in a mindful way. Place them in a large jar with the vodka and let them sit in a dark place for three days. Then strain and pour into small bottles. Make it with the intent to feed the directions and create beauty. Open your Wiracocha over the jar and allow your energy to inform the batch. Taste occasionally. Make the batch to your taste – if it seems too strong add a bit of vodka, if it seems weak then add a few more herbs, fruits or flowers. Feel free to use what you like: ylang ylang, mint or rosemary, prickly pear, apples, pears, mango, orange – whatever smells and tastes beautiful to you. The first four of these ingredients are sacred plants – if you can’t find those, don’t worry – use what is locally available.

Are you ready to bless and summon archetypal energies?