A Crystal as a Shaman’s Tool

The Shaman’s vogel, or double-terminated, crystal is a cathedral of light we use to extract energies and entities from our clients.  We then call on the four directions and our lineage of healers to take these entities and energies home to where they need to go to heal or to be returned to the earth.

Crystals are the most stable structures in nature and are ideal for extracting intrusive energies and entities. They are transducers, meaning they can convert one kind of energy into another.  The type of crystal recommended for students are double- terminated, approximately 1 to 2 inches in diameter and 4 to 5 inches in length. The crystal must be optically clear (without inclusions or cracks). The number of facets or sides is not significant.

Shaman’s use these crystals to safely remove entities and energies. Intrusive energies or entities are disincarnate spirits trapped between this world and the next. They attach themselves to a chakra and through it connect to the central nervous system where they enter into a parasitic relationship with the host. Intrusive entities are mostly lost souls seeking healing whatever way they can, but there are exceptions — occasionally we encounter what I refer to as a “nasty.”

Many psychological and physical problems are caused or exacerbated by them, including anxiety, depression, addictions, mood swings, and a host of other symptoms. Once the intrusive entity is set free, the client can more readily change their behavior and often experiences spontaneous healing.

At the end of the extraction process, we are left with an entity or energy inside of our crystal.  If possible, you might encourage your client to come with you as you release the energy from the crystal.  Always have the client behind you as you do this work as they may still have an affinity for the energy or entity being released.

We begin the process by opening sacred space using our florida water to summon the four cardinal directions and our lineage of healers.  We then light a fire in a pyrex or aluminum pan with approximately 1 cup of Epsom salts and 1 capful of 90 proof rubbing alcohol.  Next, we pass the wider end of the crystal through the fire three times, heating the crystal and spritz with florida water and pass the crystal three more times to encourage the entity or energy to leave the crystal through the smaller end as we blow the energy to the four directions.

As we blow on our crystal, we can observe the energy or entity exiting the crystal: either upward if its an entity and taken by the lineage for healing or downward to be reunited with Pachamama if it is an energy.

Are you ready to work with an extraction crystal?