The Earth Element

For earthkeepers, all of us who are dedicated to the stewardship of the Earth and all of life, the Earth element is foundational.  We choose to hold the sacred dream of a planet where all beings live in peace and where the rivers and the air are clean.   Because we understand that everything we do has ripples seven generations backward and forward, we care for Mother Earth. 

Imagine now, that you have pulled this Earth element card from the Mystical Shaman Oracle.  Sit quietly and in a sacred way and read The Essence, The Invitation, and the Medicine.  Then ask yourself why this card is the perfect card for you today.  What is it showing you?  Ask yourself this question three times and write down the answers.  Allow yourself to go deeper and deeper each time you ask yourself the question:  Why is this card the perfect card for me today? Allow yourself to be surprised and filled with wonder as this ancient medicine informs you.  

The Essence

Earth represents the gift of life. Earth refers to the body of the planet Earth, the human body and Nature herself. We’re reminded by this symbol that all creatures are born of the Earth and human beings are the stewards of all life on this planet. It refers to what we make of it: our health, wealth, security, grounding, solidity, and stability. It reminds us that the world of Form is a gift from Spirit and needs to be treated with respect.

The Invitation

When the Earth symbol appears, it represents a need to focus on reverence and appreciation for the natural gifts that are coming to you now and always. The concrete world you inhabit is there by the grace of Spirit, and you are part of it. Much can be accomplished now when you focus on compassionate, reverent service to the world. If you act with integrity, gratitude, and humility, you will find yourself more prosperous than you can imagine. Success is assured when the Earth appears as an invitation.

The Medicine

Do you feel ungrounded or easily thrown off your path lately? It is time to focus on what nurtures you, to open yourself to the healing of Mother Earth and see the abundant world around you. Perhaps you have lost the ability to trust that your needs will be met and have fallen prey to poverty consciousness. Perhaps you have not been eating well, been overworked and stressed, and forgotten to breathe in the beauty of your surroundings. When the spirit of Earth comes as your medicine, you’re being reminded that when you practice self-care, take a walk in nature, and focus on the consciousness of abundance, miracles can and do happen.

What does the Earth Element have to teach you today?