The Water Element

There is a natural movement of events in the world just as there is in natural phenomena.  The tides, the ebb and flow of oceans and rivers that rise up from the earth then flow to the sea symbolize an ability to gracefully move around obstacles and reminds you of the sense of allowing. 

Imagine now, that you have pulled this Water element card from the Mystical Shaman Oracle.  Sit quietly and in a sacred way and read The Essence, The Invitation, and the Medicine.  Then ask yourself why this card is the perfect card for you today.  What is it showing you?  Ask yourself this question three times and write down the answers.  Allow yourself to go deeper and deeper each time you ask yourself the question:  Why is this card the perfect card for me today? Allow yourself to be surprised and filled with wonder as this ancient medicine informs you.  

The Essence

Water is the symbol of emotions and feelings. It represents the process of transmutation, as water can change form from ice to water to gas.

Water symbolizes purification, regeneration, birth, revival, and cleansing. It signifies an evolutionary shift from former self to new self.

Many myths around the world speak of a “great flood” and the new life that is revealed after a deluge. Water begins without boundaries. Then, as soon as form has separated itself from water, it comes under the laws of time and life, thus acquiring limitations.

The Invitation

When Water arrives, you’re invited to watch your emotions; know they are going to be changeable, and do not settle on a conclusion at this time. If you feel joy, feel that fully; if you feel sad, allow sadness to move through you. Water invites you to see the ebb and flow of events and trust you can ride the wave of opportunity when it arises. Natural flow is here. Go with it.

The Medicine

This is a time for cleansing unwanted energy and sticky feelings. Consider this: what water does to the flesh, it does in sacred ritual to the spirit. The spiritual cleansing, like baptism, is the opportunity to get an instantaneous experience of the timeless, non-ordinary reality in which all true creation takes place.

Now is also a time that is pregnant with potential for you. Carl Jung talked about the maternal, womblike significance of water as a universal symbol. Water represents the potentiality of existence. It precedes and sustains every creation. Emergence from it is manifestation; immersion in it is dissolution of form. Because of this, it symbolizes regeneration.

Make way for the process. You can expect it to be messy but worth it.

What does the Water Element have to teach you today?