The Gift of Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to create new neural networks for both our individual health as well as for society in general.  We now understand how to harness our brain’s neuroplasticity to enhance certain neural pathways.  In essence, we can alter our brain function so that we can more fully access those areas that pave the way for freedom from trauma and destructive emotions; this also allows us to express the genes for health and longevity and even enlightenment.

Through neuroplasticity the brain is able to rewire neural pathways, and even establish new neural superhighways.  When a person suffers a stroke and loses function in the right hand, for example, the brain can create new pathways that may allow the left hand to perform some of the functions previously done only by the right.

Neural networks are created by focused, engaged stimulation.  It takes more than simple repetition to create neural networks.  Professional athletes have long known that practice does not necessarily make perfect, because bad practice simply reinforces a less than ideal pathway in the brain.  Likewise, repeating a prayer over and over without positive focused intention makes enlightenment less likely.  If you want to experiment, try brushing your teeth or holding your fork with your non-dominant hand and notice how much concentration is required to perform this simple task.  Likewise, the practice of joy, kindness, and forgiveness take focused attention to develop, but the more you exercise them, the more easily and naturally they come.

So, attention matters, whether it is gentle meditation or the intense concentration of an athlete at a critical competitive moment.

The neural networks formed while in our mother’s womb and childhood are the foundation for our later beliefs.  They are the beliefs we carry into adulthood and through which we understand and interpret our experiences.  And while the first lessons from our infancy generally serve us well, they can negatively color future experiences that would otherwise have been perceived as benign or even positive.

The science of neuroplasticity suggests that you can rewire the circuits of the brain and create new, more positive associations within your day-to-day experiences.  Shamans learned that the instinctual survival emotions of fear, lust, and anger that color the way you respond to the events of your life are actually the causes of illness.  You no longer have to succumb to the tyranny of the emotional limbic brain with its self-created nightmares that prevent you from experiencing joy.  You don’t have to experience fearful responses when faced with new situations.  Instead, you can come to them fresh, open to the possibilities they present.

To free yourself from the immediate emotional responses of the limbic brain, you must accomplish two tasks.  First you have to enhance your brain’s physiology, which you can achieve by making specific dietary and lifestyle modifications.  Second, once your brain has been optimized, you can take full advantage of its powerful ability to develop pathways that will enable you to experience people and events you once perceived as negative, instead, as enriching, fulfilling, and positive.

Would you like to learn how to create new neural networks and change your life?  A combination of nutritional supplements, glutathione, and hyperbaric oxygen – discussed in the Power Up Your Brain Program protocols will help you.