Understanding the Mystical Shaman Oracle

The Mystical Shaman Oracle has 64 cards, each one depicting a sacred symbol. Remember that nature speaks in symbols and not in the language of facts. Stay with the image of the card or cards that you choose during a reading. Savor it; let it speak to the depths of your psyche. You will discover that a very primal part of your soul recognizes and responds to these timeless symbols.

Every card is a dynamic snapshot of a situation or a moment and shows you how the moment can transform from one condition to another. The symbols present the forces and influences at play and the direction that the energy is moving toward.

Each card has three important messages: the Essence, the Invitation, and the Medicine.

  • The Essence tells you the timeless message of the card. It expands the symbol until you grasp its message, without your needing to analyze it. Always read the Essence first.
  • The Invitation tells you the gifts that Spirit is extending to you at this moment. It is a call to action. Read the Invitation only if your card is upright.
  • The Medicine tells you the aspect or area of your life or relationships that you need to bring into balance and repair. Read the Medicine only if your card is reversed. (Remember there are no “bad” cards, so reversed cards should not be avoided. In fact you might want to see this as extra help from the unseen world to guide and protect you.)

Mystical Shaman Oracle is a system of divination. The cards give you a bird’s-eye view of a situation. They show the evolution of events and reveal both probable and possible outcomes. The probable outcomes are the ones most likely to occur if you do nothing; the possible outcomes are ones available to you when you participate in selecting a destiny that is for your highest good.

Working with this deck will give you a deeper understanding of the web of life, how everything is connected, and how your place in the world is not random but deliberate and divine.

Make this deck your friend, get to know its symbols and mysterious language, and you will see that as your awareness grows so does your relationship to Spirit. You will go from being a passive observer, reacting to the workings of fate and complaining about your lot in life, to becoming a conscious co-creator, shaping your destiny in partnership with a Higher Power. The mundane world will reveal its mystical underpinnings and the power of synchronicity will actively surprise and delight you.

Be courageous and authentic as you dream the world into being, for it is only with awareness and respect for the laws of the universe that miracles can and will be discovered, like many treasures hidden in plain sight.

Are you ready to get a deeper understanding of the web of life?