The Mystical Shaman Oracle as a Map to the Sacred

In this blog we will look at the Mystical Shaman Oracle as a divination tool. This is not fortune telling, but a way to become divine, to find a map to the sacred. Begin by picking a number from 1-3, then draw a card for each number. Write a paragraph about your hopes and dreams and fears triggered by the image on each card, not by the words. The image is at a higher level, connecting with the soul, while the words can get stuck in the mind.

In writing your paragraph, start with ”Once upon a time…”. Then find a stick that you can place in the fire. Blow the hopes, dreams and fears from your story into the stick. You will place it into the fire, so your story does not determine your destiny any longer and you can be open to your highest destiny. Your hopes, dreams, and fears are fueled by all your unconscious beliefs about how reality works. You release them into the fire so you can gain a bigger vision, guided by spirit.

If you would like to use a toothpick and a candle to perform your fire ceremony, you may do so.  If you would like to create a fire ceremony outside in nature you can do that.


One way to use the Oracle to read signs for all of humanity is to do a one card reading. 

A one-card reading is like opening a window into a new direction, new understanding, or confirmation about what you may already feel you know but need more certainty about. It’s the simplest way to get to know your Mystical Shaman Oracle. We like to pick one card daily to get a sense of what the synchronicity holds for us today, and help us be more conscious of opportunities we might otherwise miss.

All you need to do is ask your question, then pull a single card. Allow your reading to percolate before you decide you know exactly what it’s about. Oracles have an uncanny way of tracking your energy, your state of mind, what is now or has been influencing you. Give it time if the meaning doesn’t immediately resonate. If, after a while, you’re still puzzled by it, choose another card or two for more information.

Example: The authors of the deck fanned the cards out in front of us and asked, “What impact will this deck have on helping people be more powerful, authentic, courageous and prosperous?”

We chose the card The Giveaway, which is about generosity and paying it forward. It essentially says, “You are the one you’ve been waiting for. The wisdom is not yours until you can give it away to another.”

We were moved by this card because all three of us have committed our lives to gather knowledge and experience in the mystical and shamanic traditions. We do feel that we are called at this crucial time of chaos and change to bring all we know and give it away to others.

Are you ready to find a map to the sacred?