Three and Four Card Layouts for Using the Mystical Shaman Oracle

In last week’s blog we discussed several possibilities for utilizing the Mystical Shamans Oracle for divination including writing a three-card story and a one-card layout dedicated to putting the oracle in service to humanity.  This week we will explore other layouts. Every card is a dynamic snapshot of a situation or a moment and shows you how the moment can transform from one condition to another. The symbols present the forces and influences at play and the direction that the energy is moving toward. Each card has three important messages: the Essence, the Invitation, and the Medicine.  Refer to blog 1 to understand these three messages.

Three-Card Reading: The Source and Outcome

A three-card reading will give you a picture of the past, present, and future of the topic or situation at hand. This reading is particularly useful in finding the source of blocks and obstacles in matters relating to Work/Wealth, Relationships, Personal and Spiritual Growth, and Health and Well-Being.

Draw three cards, placing them face up in front of you, from left to right. The farthest card to the left represents the past, the card in the center represents the present, and the card farthest to the right represents the possible future. Sit with each card and gaze at the image, before you read the name. As you hold each card in your hand, you will find a message from the past and the present, and the dangers and opportunities that the future holds.

The present moment is the product of events that have their origin in the past, just like the fruit is the product of the seed that then grew into the tree. When you understand the causes—the forces, beliefs, and persons—that define your situation in the present, you can set these energies free. When you become conscious of the moment you begin to break free of karma—the unconscious tendencies from the past. And remember that karma can be good, bad, and indifferent. Do not be seduced by good karma, because it is still karma after all.

Four-Card Reading: The Hidden Treasures in the Medicine Wheel

When you need to dream your world newly into being, you must discover hidden resources, the deeply buried treasures. When you have already harvested the gems and precious stones from the surface, you are ready to explore the depths with all its beauty and creative chaos. To that end, a four-card reading will reveal the hidden influences to your situation and show you things you might not be aware of.

The layout of a four-card reading follows the four directions of the medicine wheel.

Draw four cards, placing them in front of you in the four cardinal directions, in this order:

  1. The card in the south represents that which you need to let go of, what needs to be shed. It is an old wound that you no longer need to define yourself by.
  2. The card in the west represents a part of you that needs to die. It is an old story that needs to be let go so that you may find a new meaningful story for your life.
  3. The card in the north represents the wisdom that you need to acquire. You have learned the lessons from the south and west cards. What wisdom is ready to mature within you? What is your great medicine that you are ready to embrace? What are the deeply buried treasures that have become available to you?
  4. The card in the east represents your possible destiny, the way that you will share your treasures and gifts with others.

Are you ready to explore the possibilities and synchronicities in the three and four card layouts?