Time Masters and Hummingbird Medicine

Becoming a Time Master means that you develop an extraordinary relationship with the cosmos, where you are no longer subject to the laws of ordinary time. The kind of time that keeps us trapped in the grip of fate and relies on causality. Shamans can slip into sacred time, into synchronicity guided by intentionality. It is not about imposing your will on the moment but submitting to the moment. It is about being in perfect Ayni and Munay.

Ayni means right relationship and Munay means love. Munay is a state of being, of being in love with life. It’s the love a mother has for her newborn, and the love that Gaia has for us. Ayni means our intention is for the highest good for all, dedicated to the greatest good. When you ask for the greatest good it is bestowed on us. .

To be in perfect relationship is Hummingbird medicine, – being able to meditate in motion and practice stillness in every moment. If you want things to be done perfectly, you invite the universe to do it for you, this is the highest form of meditation. Synchronicity and serendipity begin to take you exactly where you need to be. Your intention is for something to happen for the benefit of all. Munay is the music of creation.

In the West, we’ve been taught that time flows in one direction only, that the future is always ahead of us and the past is always behind us. This is monochronic time, which flows linearly, going at its petty pace from day to day. But time doesn’t just fly like an arrow; it also turns like a wheel. That’s why nonlinear time, or polychronic time, is considered sacred. Here the future seeps into the present to summon us, and we can change events that have already occurred.

The main operating principle of linear time is causality, or cause and effect, which is the basis of modern science: This happens and therefore that happens. Causality means that the past is always spilling into and informing the present. But when we perceive time as turning like a wheel, the main operating principle is synchronicity, or the serendipitous occurrence of events. What we call coincidence or chance is as important an operating principle as causality is.

The Laika believe that the chance occurrence of events, such as two people running into each other serendipitously, is just as significant as their cause, or why those two people were in the same place at the same time. Synchronicity allows for future causation and is more interested in the purpose and meaning of an event than in its cause.

Mastery of time doesn’t mean we’re unable to keep our commitments to show up on time for others; rather, we’re in such perfect ayni and munay that we always appear at the right moment. By mastering time, we give the universe the opportunity to do what it does naturally, which is to conspire on our behalf. We let go of the belief that we must manipulate the world around us and “take charge” for life to work out.

Are you ready to step back and allow the universe to conspire on your behalf?