Time Masters and Jaguar Medicine

In the Americas, the Time Masters are the Jaguar priests. The Mayan jaguar priests are known as the Balam and their sacred book is the Chelam Belam. The great teaching of jaguar is to step beyond the fear of death, so it no longer lives within us. In the West, we begin to die slowly and become more and more lifeless as we live life on the busy hamster wheel.  The jaguar is always by our side, we summon the jaguar, and it responds.

Different cultures have different concepts of time based on their mythologies. In the bible, the story of origin is about the division of space. Shamans believe that creation happened around the division of time. Stone henges and calendars abound, the ancients were fascinated with the seasons, the solstices and equinoxes, and the cycles of the women in the village. Time flows like a river through you, and currents under the river of time can take you back to the source. Time is a river we can navigate. When you step into time that pretzels and turns like a wheel, you can future track and nudge destiny. Future tracking only works if YOU don’t come first: ask what is best for my planet, my country, my village and last for me. You incur a huge karmic debt with the cosmos when you track for yourself.

For the Laika, time is intertwined with space, very much like the concept in physics known as space-time. The shamans call it pacha. It is the basis of the word Pachamama, or Mother Earth, our home in time and space. Since space and time are deeply connected in Andean cosmology, it is not out of the question to imagine that one could traverse time just as one can travel through the landscape.

If this is difficult for you to imagine, try the definition of space-time in physics. The essence of Einstein’s theory of general relativity is often described as follows: matter tells space-time how to curve, and curved space-time tells matter how to move.

We now know that the fabric of space-time has ripples and folds, yet we cling to the old idea that the only way to enact change is to become informed by the past, make modifications in the present, and hope that we put ourselves on a good trajectory into the future. But if time-space behaves like an ever-changing sphere, we might enact change by becoming informed by the future and altering the past, instead of informed by the past and planning for the future.

Shamans travel to places of non-ordinary reality to take advantage of the malleability of space-time. By entering these spaces, you can experience the future, present, and past simultaneously and return to your everyday life aware of a calling from the future that was previously invisible to you. You will perceive your past differently and see the seeds of what is meant to bloom in the future, and your present state of mind will transform as the platform beneath you shifts.

Are you ready to travel to places of non-ordinary reality?